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1905 (or 1904) A Bahá'í group was established in Germany soon after the arrival of the first Bahá'í in the country, Dr. Edwin Fischer, in Stuttgart. He was dentist and a returned emigrant to the United States. German-born Alma Knobloch also became a Bahá'í in the United States 1903, before Fischer, arrived in Germany in 1907. [BBRSM:107, 219; BWNS390]
  • The German Baha'i Community under National Socialism: by Harry Liedtke says he arrived in 1904.
  • Stuttgart; Germany Edwin Fischer; Alma Knobloch; First Bahais by country or area
    1907. (In the year) Alma Knobloch, the sister of Pauline Hannen, settled in Stuttgart. [SYH13; BW9p642] Stuttgart; Germany Alma Knobloch
    1943. 22 Dec The passing of Disciple of Àbdu'l-Bahá Alma Knobloch (b. 1864 Bautzen; Germany d. 23 December 1943 Cabin John MD). She was interred in the family plot in Prospect Hill Cemetery in Washington, DC.
  • Her association with the Faith began in 1903. She first heard about it from her sister Pauline who taught both Alma and Pocahontas Pope, her seamstress, who became the first African American believer in the Washington area. [AWD24, 67]
  • At the request of 'Abdu'l-Bahá she went to Germany too help Dr Fisher departing in July of 1907 and settled in Stuttgart. Assemblies were formed in Stuttgart, Esslingen, Zuffenhausen, Leipzig, and Gera. She stayed in Germany for 13 years.
  • During this time, in 1908, Alma and Fanny went on a pilgrimage to meet 'Abdu'l-Bahá and they developed a lasting friendship with the women of the Holy Family.
  • She elected to remain in Germany when the war broke out in 1914 and gave up her American citizenship so that she would be free to travel around the country in the service of the Faith.
  • She returned to the United States after the tragic death of her brother-in-law, Joseph Hannen. [Find a grave; BW9p641-643] (Note: The picture in Bahá'í World is not Alma but rather that of her sister, Fanny.)
  • See her biography Alma Sedonia Knobloch by Jennifer Redson Wiebers.
  • Washington, DC In Memoriam; Alma Knobloch

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    1. Flowers Culled from the Rose Garden of Acca, by Ida A. Finch and Fanny Alma Knobloch (1908-11). Lengthy notes of talks with three visitors, taken November 7-13, 1908. [about]
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