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1926 First week in Feb Martha Root arrived in Bulgaria, the earliest documented visit to that country by a Bahá’í. [MR247]
  • She stayed 12 days. [MR247]
  • Bahá’ís had passed through Bulgaria on their way to Turkey, but Martha Root’s visit was the first one documented.
  • Bulgaria Martha Root
    1928 (In the year) Louisa Mathew Gregory moved to Varna and became the first Bahá’í to settle in Bulgaria. Varna; Bulgaria Louisa Mathew Gregory
    1931 Apr Marion Jack arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria, to begin her pioneering service. Sofia; Bulgaria Marion Jack
    1932 23 Nov George Adam Benke passed away in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Shoghi Effendi called him the first European martyr. [LDG1:263; MC359]
  • For his obituary see BW5:416–418.
  • Photo 1 of his gravesite in Sofia.
  • Photo 2 of his headstone.
  • Sofia; Bulgaria George Adam Benke; Names and titles; Martyrs; Firsts, Other
    1934 (In the year) The first Local Spiritual Assembly of Sofia, Bulgaria, was elected. Sofia; Bulgaria LSA; Bulgaria
    1954 25 Mar The passing of Marion Jack (General Jack) (b. St. John, New Brunswick) at her pioneer post in Sofia, Bulgaria at the age of 87. She had been at her post since 1931. [BWNS385; Never be Afraid to Dare p. 227]
  • Shoghi Effendi called her ‘a shining example to pioneers of present and future generations of East and West’. [CF163]
  • For her obituary see BW12:674–7.
  • See also BFA2155; MC359.
  • For a photo of her gravestone see CBNOct1972p.10.
  • See Bahá'í Chronicles for a biography.
  • For a photo by the Bahá'ís of Sofia see BW5p464.
  • See also Marion Jack: Immortal Heroine by Jan Jasion
  • See CBNOctober1979 for tributes as well as a photo of her gravesite.
  • Sofia; Bulgaria Marion Jack; Pioneers; In memoriam; Births and deaths; Pioneers; BWNS
    1990 (In the year) The first Adam Benke Project was organized by the Bahá'í European Youth Council in Bulgaria.
  • The first semi-public talks and lectures in Bulgaria were given in restaurants, where people are invited to private meetings.
  • Eleven people become Bahá'ís.
  • Bulgaria European Bahai Youth Council; Youth; Firsts, Other Find ref
    1990 11 Nov For the first time in 45 years, a Bahá'í meeting was held in a public building in Bulgaria. [BINS236:2] Bulgaria
    1991 2 Jan The first local spiritual assembly in Bulgaria was formed in Plovdiv. [BINS239:2] Plovdiv; Bulgaria LSA
    1991 25 – 27 Oct The first National Teaching Conference of Bulgaria was held in Plovdiv. [BINS258:2–3] Plovdiv; Bulgaria Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, Teaching; Conferences, National
    1992 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Bulgaria was formed with its seat in Sofia. [CBN Jan92 p2, BINS270:1; BW92–3:119; VV121]
  • For picture see BINS279:9.
  • Sofia; Bulgaria NSA
    1992 21 – 23 Aug The first National Summer School of Bulgaria was held in Stara Zagora, attended by 75 people. [BINS278:1–2] Stara Zagora; Bulgaria Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1992 26 – 30 Dec The first National Bahá'í Winter School of Bulgaria is held in Lovech, attended by 130 Bahá'ís. [BINS286:1–2] Lovech; Bulgaria Winter schools; First summer and winter schools
    1996 23 – 24 Mar The first National Women's Seminar of Bulgaria was held in Sofia, organized by the European Task Force for Women. [BINS365:8] Sofia; Bulgaria Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, Women; Women; First conferences

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