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1988 17 Feb The publication of the statement by the Bahá'í International Community, “Eliminating Religious Intolerance”, for the forty-fourth session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. Geneva; Switzerland Religious intolerance; United Nations; Baha'i International Community; BIC statements; Publications

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  1. Aplicación de la Declaración sobre la Eliminación de todas las formas de intolerancia y discriminación fundadas en la religión o las convicciones, 1988, by Bahá'í International Community (1988). intolerancia y discriminación [about]
  2. Religious Intolerance as a Source of Violence, by Udo Schaefer, in World without Violence: World leaders share their commentaries on world harmony, peace and justice, Arun Gandhi, ed. (1994). A Bahá'í-inspired examination of how religious fanaticism and prejudice promotes violence. [about]
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