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1912. 15 Apr The Titanic was the largest steamship ever built. She was 882 feet long, 96 feet wide, displacing 45,000 tons. Her luxurious appointments included a theatre seating 1,200, a church somewhat smaller, a ballroom accommodating 500 couples, beautiful salons, palm courts, gymnasium, bowling alley, tennis court and a swimming pool. She could accommodate nearly 4,000 passengers and carried a crew of 860. She set forth on her first and fatal voyage from Southampton, England, April 10, 1912, the pride of her builders and an admiring world. At 11:40 p. m., Sunday, April 14, she grazed a mammoth iceberg, tore open her hull, and in two and one-half hours sank in 2,000 fathoms, taking over 1,500 souls to a watery grave.—The Editors. [SoW Vol 4 No 12 16 Oct 1913 p210] Titanic

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  1. Miscellaneous historical and doctrinal topics, by John Walbridge, in Essays and Notes on Babi and Bahá'í History (2002). Short comments on miscellaneous topics: Seven Proofs, Lawh-i-Aqdas, Dreams, Evolution, RMS Titanic. [about]
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