Messages To America


My heavy ladened heart, already oppressed by repeated defections of the unworthy kindred of the beloved Master, is relieved by latest signal evidence of the indomitable spirit of the members of divinely chosen American Bahá'í community now unfurling the banner of the Faith and establishing the structural basis of its administrative order in the world's southernmost city. I hail the staunchness and fidelity distinguishing the winners of such superb victories. I acclaim them true brothers and sisters worthy of the name `Abdu'l-Bahá. I urge the Inter-America Committee to devote special attention and undertake prompt measures designed to increase the number of believers, establish local administrative headquarters, and multiply the subsidiary agencies indispensable to the maintenance of a flourishing community in the southern extremity of the western hemisphere. Praying ever increasing successes.
Cablegram April 21, 1945

Messages To America
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