Messages To America


Assure newly-elected members of my fervent prayers for divine guidance and strength to accomplish the tasks confronting the American Bahá'í community in the second year of the second Bahá'í century. I appeal to National Teaching, Regional and Inter-America Committees to intensify efforts for multiplication of groups and Assemblies the length and breadth of the western hemisphere. An ever-increasing flow of pioneers is indispensable to meet the urgent requirements of the present hour. Renewed, determined, continued exertions by individuals aimed at an unprecedented increase in the number of enrolled believers is vital to the consolidation of activities undertaken by pioneers. Systematic, well-conceived, carefully coordinated plans, nationwide and intercontinental, devised by elected national representatives of the community, are likewise a necessary preliminary to a seed-sowing unexampled both in range and effectiveness in American Bahá'í history. The attainment of this threefold objective in North, Central and South America will signalize the initiation, in other continents, of the world mission constituting the sacred birthright of the American followers of the Faith of Bahá'u'lláh.
Cablegram May 8, 1945

Messages To America
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