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Tutorial videos on an experimental web app to browse Writings with high customizability and in parallel.

TextBrowser, Bahaiwritings, and
Web apps for browsing the Bahá'í Writings with customizability

by Brett Zamir


TextBrowser / Bahaiwritings /

The following videos introduce the TextBrowser app, the bahaiwritings project (which uses TextBrowser), and (currently Chromium browsers only) which hosts and runs the bahai-browser app which builds on the bahaiwritings code. Included are overview videos as well as in depth ones, along with videos for developers and videos indicating to-dos remaining on the projects.

TextBrowser allows high configurability in browsing texts, including support for side-by-side presentation of parallel texts.

A brief video on MapText is also included, a web app allowing for copy-paste of text embedded within images, as well as text search features to find the text within those images.

  1. Overview of TextBrowser (10 mins)
  2. TextBrowser (1 hr 7 mins)
  3. TextBrowser Developers JSON/API video (48 mins)
  4. TextBrowser To-dos (24 mins)
  5. BahaiWritings and To-dos (31 mins)
  6. MapText (5 mins)
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