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List of the standard abbreviations of all published Sacred Writings and other canonical Bahá'í texts, combined with the bibliography from the Basic Baha'i Chronology.
No formal list of abbreviations exists, but such a list can be derived from abbreviations used by the Baha'i World Centre. First, a partial list is in Messages from the Universal House of Justice 1963-86. Second, the BWC downloads site had a list of their filename abbreviations. Third, Cameron compiled an extensive bibliography for his Chronology. These have been combined, below. See also browser shortcuts, below.

Abbreviations of the Bahá'í Writings

compiled by Glenn Cameron and Jonah Winters.
See Google spreadsheet:

Download Excel file: abbreviations_bahai_writings.xlsx

239D 239 Days. Allan L. Ward, BPT, Wilmette, Ill. 1979.
4OI Four on an Island. Bahiyyih Nakhjavani. GR, 1983.
AB ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. H.M. Balyuzi, GR, Oxford, 1971.
ABC ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in Canada. National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Canada. Bahá’í Distribution Canada, 1962.
ABL ‘Abdu'l-Bahá in London, Addresses and Notes of Conversations. BPT UK, 1982.
ABMM ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. Moojan Momen, 1995.
ABNY ‘Abdu'l-Bahá in New York: The City of the Covenant. Hussein Ahdieh and Elaine A Hopson, Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the City of New York, 1987.
ABNYC ‘Abdu'l-Bahá in New York City: The City of the Covenant. Elaine Lacroix-Hopson, Bahá’í Publications Australia, 2005.
ABTM ‘Abdu'l-Bahá in Their Midst. Earl Redman, GR, 2011.
ABVI Amatu'l-Bahá Visits India. Violette Nakhjavani, BPT, India, 1984.
ACfH Angus: From the Heart: The Life of Counsellor Angus Cowan. Patricia Verge. Springtide Publishing, Cochrane AB, 1999.
AD Ali's Dream: The Story of Bahá'u'lláh. John Hatcher, GR, 1980.
ADJ Advent of Divine Justice, The. Shoghi Effendi. BPT, Wilmette, Ill. 1990.
AIO Against Incredible Odds: Life of a 20th Century Iranian Bahá'í Family. Baharieh Rouhani Ma'ani, GR, 2006.
AL Alain Locke: Faith & Philosophy. Studies in the Bábí and Bahá'í Religions, Vol. 18, Christopher Buck, KP, 2005.
ALM Adrianople: Land of Mystery. Anthony A Reitmayer, BPT Turkey, 1992.
AP Apostle of Peace, The: A Survey of References to 'Abdu'l-Bahá in the Western Press 1871-1921 Vol. 1 Amín Egea. GR, 2017.
APD ‘Abdu'l-Bahá in America: Agnes Parson's Diary, April 11, 1912 - November 11, 1912. Richard Hollenger (ed.) KP, 1996.
ARG Radiant Gem, A: A biography of Jináb-i-Fádil-i-Shírází. Houri Faláhi-Skuce, Trafford Publishing, Victoria, Canada, 2004.
ARO Arohanui: Letters from Shoghi Effendi to New Zealand. Shoghi Effendi, BPT, Suva, Fiji Islands, 1982.
AVI Amatu’l-Bahá Visits India. Violette Nakhjavání, BPT India, New Delhi, 1984.
Awake Awakening: A History of the Bábí and Bahá'í Faiths in Nayríz. Hussein Ahdieh and Hillary Chapman. BPT Wilmette, 2013.
AWH Wider Horizon, A: Selected Messages of the Universal House of Justice 1983–1992. The Universal House of Justice. Palabra Publications, Riviera Beach, FL. 1992.
AY Arches over the Years. Marzieh Gail, GR, 1991.
AZBF A to Z of the Bahá'í Faith, The. Hugh C. Adamson, The Scarecrow Press, Inc. 2009.
BA Bahá’í Administration. Shoghi Effendi. BPT, Wilmette, Ill. 1968.
Bab Báb, The. H.M. Balyuzi, GR, Oxford, 1973.
BBB Blessed Beauty Bahá'u'lláh, The. Mannaz Afshin, BPT India, New Delhi, 1988.
BBD Basic Bahá’í Dictionary, A. Momen, Wendi, GR, Oxford, 1989.
BBIC Bahá’u’lláh. A statement prepared by the Bahá’í International Community Office of Public Information. BPT UK, London, 1991.
BBM Blessings Beyond Measure: Recollections of 'Abdu'l-Bahá and Shoghi Effendi. Ali M Yazdi. BPT, 1988.
BBR Bábí and the Bahá’í Religions, The, 1844–1944, Some Contemporary Western Accounts. Moojan Momen, GR, Oxford, 1981.
BBRSM Bábí and Bahá’í Religions, The. Peter Smith, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1987.
BBSLW Bahá'u'lláh: A Brief Survey of His Life and His Works. Shahrokh Monjazeb, Furútan Academy Publications, 2007.
BEC Bahá'í Education: A Compilation. Compiled by the Research Department of the Universal House of Justice. BWC, 1976.
BEL Bibliography of English-Language Works on the Bábí and Bahá’í Faiths, 1844–1985. William Collins, GR, Oxford, 1990.
BFA/WG Bahá'í Faith in America. William Garlington. Praeger, Westport, CT, 2005.
BFA1 Bahá’í Faith In America, The: Origins 1892-1900, Vol. 1. Robert Stockman, BPT, Wilmette, Ill. 1995.
BFA2 Bahá’í Faith in America, The, Early Expansion, 1900–1912, Vol. 2. Robert Stockman, GR, Oxford, 1995.
BHC Bahá’í History Calendar. Hawaii Bahá’í National Library, Honolulu, Hawaii.
BHP Bahá’í Holy Places at the World Centre. Universal House of Justice, BWC, Haifa, 1968.
BI Bahá’ís of Iran, The. No. 51, Minority Rights Group series. Roger Cooper, Feb. 1982.
BIB Bible, The.
BINS Bahá’í International News Service, Issued fortnightly by the Bahá’í World Centre [Issues are indicated by edition number followed by page number; thus BINS210:8 refers to Bahá’í International News Service, number 210, page 8.]
BKC Bahíyyih Khánum, the Greatest Holy Leaf: A Compilation from Bahá’í Sacred Texts and Writings of the Guardian of the Faith and Bahíyyih Khánum’s Own Letters.  BWC, 1982.
BKG Bahá’u’lláh, The King of Glory. H.M. Balyuzi, GR, Oxford, 1980.
BN Bahá’í News. A monthly publication of the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States. [Figures following ‘BN’ refer to volume number and page number, thus BN596:14 refers to Bahá’í News, volume 596, page 14.
BNE Bahá'u'lláh and the New Era. Dr. John E. Esslemont, 2006 (originally published in 1937).
BP Bahá'í Prayers: A Selection of Prayers Revealed by Bahá’u’lláh, the Báb, and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. BPT US, 1991 edition.
BPoP Bahá'u'lláh: The Prince of Peace, A Portrait. David Hofman, GR, 1992.
BPSSH Bahá'í Proofs and A Short Sketch of the History and Lives of the Leaders of This Religion. Mírzá Abu'l-Fadl Gulpáygání, Ali-Kuli Khan (trans.) BPT US, Wilmette, 1983.
BR Bahá’í Religion, The: A Short Introduction to its History and Teachings. Peter Smith, GR, Oxford, 1988.
BS Bahá'í Scriptures: Selections from the Utterances of Bahá’u’lláh and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’. Horace Holley (ed.) Bahá'í Publishing Committee, New York, 1923.
BW Bahá’í World. Prepared under the supervision of the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States and Canada with the approval of Shoghi Effendi or prepared by the Universal House of Justice. [Figures appearing after ‘BW’ refer to volume numbers, thus BW8:25 refers to Bahá’í World, volume 8, page 25. From 1992–3, Bahá’í World is dated year by year rather than by volume number. Thus BW92–3:6 refers to Bahá’í World, 1992–3, page 6.] Volumes 1-6 available on line.
BWF Bahá'í World Faith, Selected Writings of Bahá'u'lláh and 'Abdu'l-Bahá. BPT, Wilmette, Illinois, 1971
BWMF Bahá’u’lláh, The Word Made Flesh. H.M. Balyuzi, GR, Oxford, 1963.
BWNS Bahá'í World News Service.
CALL Calling, The: Tahirih of Persia and Her American Contemporaries. Ahdieh Hussein and Chapman Hillary, 2017
CB Covenant of Bahá’u’lláh, The. Adib Taherzadeh, GR, Oxford, 1992.
CBM Challenge of Bahá’u’lláh. The. Gary L. Matthews, GR, Oxford, 1993.
CBN Canadian Bahá'í News.
CC Coronation on Carmel: The Story of the Shrine of the Báb Vol. II: 1922-1963. Michael V. Day, GR, 2018.
CEBF Concise Encyclopedia of the Bahá’í Faith, A. Peter Smith, Oneworld Publications, Oxford, 2000.
CF Citadel of Faith. Shoghi Effendi. BPT, Wilmette, Ill. 1980.
CftH Cry from the Heart, A. William Sears, GR, 1982.
CG Claire Gung: Mother of Africa. Adrienne Morgan, National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of South Africa, Johannesburg, 1997.
CH Chosen Highway, The. Lady Blomfield, BPT US, Wilmette, Ill. 1975.
CL Century of Light. Prepared under the supervision of the Universal House of Justice. Bahá'í Canada Publications and Nine Pines Publishing, 2001.
CN Call to Nations: Extracts from the Writings of Shoghi Effendi. Universal House of Justice, 1977.
CoB Covenant of Bahá’u’lláh. Adib Taherzadeh, GR, 1992.
CoC1 Compilation of Compilations, Vol. 1. Bahá'í Publications Australia, 1991.
CoC2 Compilation of Compilations, Vol. 2. B31.
CoW Compilation on Women, A. Compiled by the Research Department of the Universal House of Justice, Bahá’í World Centre, January 1986.
CP Peace. Compiled by the Research Department of the Universal House of Justice, Bahá’í World Centre, 1985.
CT Corrine True: Faithful Handmaid of 'Abdu'l-Bahá. Nathan Rutstein, GR, 1987
CUHJ Constitution of the Universal House of Justice. World Centre Publications, 1972.
CW Compassionate Woman: the Life and Legacy of Patricia Locke. John Kolstoe. BPT Wilmette, 1911
DB Dawn-Breakers, The. Nabíl-i-A‘zam, Shoghi Effendi (trans.) BPT, Wilmette, Ill. 1970.
DBF Doukhobors and the Bahá'í Faith: Tolstoy and His Appreciation of the Bahá'í Faith. Dr. A. M. Ghadirian, Bahá'í Canada Publications, 1989
DG Directives from the Guardian. Shoghi Effendi, BPT, New Delhi, 1973.
DH Door of Hope. David S. Ruhe, GR, Oxford, 1983.
DJEE Dr. J. E. Esslemont. Moojan Momen, BPT, London, 1975
DJT Diary of Juliet Thompson, The. Juliet Thompson, Kalimát Press, Los Angeles, 1983.
DM Dr Muhájir: Hand of the Cause of God, Knight of Bahá'u'lláh. Írán Furútan Muhájir, BPT, London, 1992
DND Dawn of a New Day. Shoghi Effendi. BPT, New Delhi, 1970.
DoG Day of Glory: The Life of Bahá'u'lláh. Mary Perkins, GR, 1992
DOMH Dawn Over Mount Hira. Marzieh Gail, GR, 1976.
DP Dawning Place, The. Bruce W. Whitmore, BPT, Wilmette, Ill. 1984
DRDA Dreams, Nightmares and Dreams Again. Angéla Szepesi, White Mountatin Publications, New Liskeard ON, 2000
DST Dawn of the Sun of Truth in Tamil Nadu, India: Historical data and stories related to the growth of the Bahá'í Faith in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Bahá'í Poostchi, Mir'át Publications New Delhi, 2015
EB Eminent Bahá'ís In the time of Bahá’u’lláh. H M Balyuzi, GR, 1985.
EBS In the Eyes of His Beloved Servants: The Second Bahá'í World Congress and Holy Year. J Michael Kafes, J Michael Kafes Publications, Peekskill, NY, 1994
EGB Edward Granville Browne and the Bahá’í Faith. H. M. Balyuzi, GR, London, 1970
EJR Ethel Jenner Rosenberg. Robert Weinberg, GR, 1995
ESW Epistle to the Son of the Wolf. Bahá’u’lláh. BPT, Wilmette, Ill. 1971.
FAA From Adrianople to Akka. A. Q. Faizi, BPT, London, 1969.
FAD From the Auroral Darkness: The Life and Poetry of Robert Hayden. John S. Hatcher, GR, Oxford, 1984.
FBV From Behind the Veil: a novel about Táhirah. Kathleen Jemison Demas, BPT, Wilmette, 1983
FCG From Copper to Gold: The Life of Dorothy Baker. Dorothy Freeman, GR, Oxford, 1984.
FG Fire & Gold: Benefiting from Life's Tests. Brian Kurzius and Compilation, GR, 2009
FGM For the Good of Mankind: August Forel and the Bahá’í Faith. John Paul Vader, GR, Oxford, 1984
FMH Fires in Many Hearts. Doris McKay with Paul Vreeland, Nine Pines Publishing, 1993
FoT Flame of Tests: The Story of Farhang Mavaddat. Mehraeen Mavaddat-Mottahedin, Self Published, Toronto, 2017
FotM Fire on the Mountain-Top. Gloria Faizi, BPT, London, 1973
FTI Follow the Instructions. Jenabe E Caldwell, Best Publisher, Wailuku, Hawaii, 2008
FWU Foundations of World Unity: Compiled from Addresses and Tablets of 'Abdu'l-Bahá. BPT, Wilmette, 1968.
GA Great Adventure, The. Florence Mayberry, Nine Pines, 1994
GAF Great African Safari, The: The Travels of Amatu'l-Bahá Rúhíyyih Khánum in Africa 1969-73. Violette Nakhjavani, GR, 2002
GAP Green Acre on the Piscataqua. Green Acre Bahá’í School Council, Eliot, Maine, 1991
GBF Guardian of the Bahá’í Faith, The. Rúhíyyih Rabbání, BPT, London, 1988.
GCG Gems from the Crown of Glory: Glimpses from the Life of Bahá'u'lláh. Susan J Allen (comp.), BPT India, 2004
GDM Gems of Divine Mysteries. Javáhiru'l-Asrár, Bahá'í Publications Australia, 2002.
GEBP Glimpsing Early Bahá'í Pilgrimages. Annamarie K. Honnold, Impressions Unlimited, Newark, DE 1992.
GH Gate of the Heart: Understanding the Writings of the Báb. Nader Saiedi, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2017
GPB God Passes By. Shoghi Effendi. BPT, Wilmette, Ill. 1970
GT George Townshend. David Hofman, GR, Oxford, 1983
GTT Guidance for Today and Tomorrow. Shoghi Effendi. BPT, London, 1953.
GWB Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh. Bahá’u’lláh. BPT, Wilmette, Ill. 1983.
HB Hidden Bounties: Memories of Pioneering on the Magdalen Archipelago. Larry Rowdon, Nine Pines Publishing, 1994
HBAA Highlights of Bahá'í Activities in Africa, 1987-1995. James A Williams, Self-published, 1996
HBFJ History of the Bahá'í Faith in Japan. Agnes Baldwin Alexander, BPT Japan, 1977.
HC Huqúqu’lláh—The Right of God. Compiled by the Research Department of the Universal House of Justice, Bahá’í World Centre, 2007.
HE High Endeavours. Messages to Alaska. National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Alaska, 1976.
HEC Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and the Bahá’í Faith. Della L. Marcus, GR, Oxford, 2000
HG Hermann Grossmann: Hand of the Cause of God: A Life for the Faith. Susanne Pfaff-Grossmann, GR, Oxford, 2009
HLS He Loved and Served: The Story of Curtis Kelsey. Nathan Rutstein, GR, Oxford, 1982
HNT Half of It Was Never Told, The: Three Men, Three Continents, One Passion. Carolyn Sparely Fox, GR, 2015
HotD Hour of the Dawn: The Life of the Báb. Mary Perkins, GR, 1987
HW Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh, The. Shoghi Effendi (trans.) BPT, Wilmette 1969.
IHP In His Presence: Visits to 'Abdu'l-Bahá. Memoirs of Roy Wilhelm, Stanwood Cobb and Genevieve L Coy, KP, 1989.
IM Immortal Heroines: Sarah, Ásíyih, the Virgin Mary, Fátimih, Táhirah, Bahíyyih Khánum. Jacqueline Mehrabi, GR, 2011
Imm Immortals. Dipchand Khianra, BPT, New Delhi, 1988.
INBA Iranian National Bahá'í Archives. (also called INBAMC, Iranian National Bahá'í Archive a Manuscript collection)
IPW In the Path of the Wind: Recollections of Montserrat. Larry Rowdon, September House, Osgoode, Ontario, 1997
ISAB In Spite of All Barriers: Teaching in South Africa with Lowell Johnson. Robert L K Mazibuko, One Voice Press, Essex, MD, 2013
ISP Iran's Secret Pogrom: The Conspiracy to Wipe Out the Bahá’ís. Geoffrey Nash, Neville Spearman Ltd, Suffolk, 1982
JM Journey to the Mountain: The Story of the Shrine of the Báb, Vol 1 1850-1921. Michael V. Day, GR, 2017
JWTA Japan Will Turn Ablaze. BPT of Japan, 1992 revised edition.
KA Kitáb-i-Aqdas, The. Bahá’u’lláh, The Bahá’í World Centre, Haifa, 1992.
KAN Notes to The Kitáb-i-Aqdas. Starting on page 165 of The Kitáb-i-Aqdas, Bahá’u’lláh, The Bahá’í World Centre, Haifa, 1992.
KBWB Khadíjih Bagum: The Wife of the Báb. H. M. Balyuzi, GR, 1981
KGHL Khánum: The Greatest Holy Leaf. Marzieh Gail, GR, Oxford, 1982
KI Kitáb-i-Íqán, The. Bahá’u’lláh, BPT, Wilmette, Ill. 1989.
KoB Knights of Bahá'u'lláh, The. Earl Redman, GR, 2017
L&E Letters & Essays 1886-1913. Mírzá Abu'l-Fadl Gulpáygání, Juan Ricardo Cole (trans.) KP, 1985
LANZ Letters from the Guardian to Australia and New Zealand. Shoghi Effendi. Australia BPT, Sydney, 1970.
LBW Looking Back in Wonder. Philip Hainsworth, Skyeset Ltd, Gloucestershire, 2004
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LDG2 Light of Divine Guidance, The:The Messages from the Guardian of the Bahá’í Faith to the Baha’i’s of Germany and Austria. Shoghi Effendi, Hotheim-Langenhaim Bahá’í-Verlag, 1985.
LFB Letters from Bonaire. Marion West, GR, Oxford, 1990.
LI Leroy Ioas: Hand of the Cause of God. Anita Ioas Chapman, GR, 1998
Lida Lidia. Wendy Heller, GR, Oxford, 1985
LNW Love That Could Not Wait, A: The Remarkable Story of Knights of Bahá'u'lláh Catherine Heward Huxtable and Clifford Huxtable. J. A. McLean, One Voice Press, 2016
LoC Legacy of Courage: The Life of Ola Pawlowska, Knight of Bahá'u'lláh. Suzanne Schuurman, GR, 2008
LoF Lights of Fortitude: Glimpses into the Lives of the Hands of the Cause of God. Barron Deems Harper, GR, 1997
LOG Lights of Guidance. Helen Hornby, (comp), BPT, New Delhi, 1983.
LotF Life, On the Fence. Marvin "Doc" Holladay, GR, 2000
LTBF Leo Tolstoy and the Bahá'í Faith. Luigi Stendardo, Jeremy Fox (trans.), GR, 1985
LTDT Leaves of the Twin Divine Trees. Baharieh Rouhani Ma’ani, GR, Oxford, 2013
LWDNW Love Which Does Not Wait, A. The Stories of Lua Getsinger, May Maxwell, Martha Root, Keith Ransom-Kehler, Hyde Dunn, Susan Moody, Dorothy Baker, Ella Bailey and Marion Jack. Janet Ruhe-Schoen, Palabra Publications, 1998
LWS Lighting the Western Sky: The Hearst Pilgrimage and the Establishment of the Bahá'í Faith in the West. Kathryn Jewett Hogenson, GR, 2012
M/AQF Milly: A Tribute to Amelia E. Collins. A. Q. Faizí, GR, Oxford, 1977
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Mess68-73 Messages from the Universal House of Justice 1968–1973. The Universal House of Justice, BPT, Wilmette, Ill. 1976.
Mess86-01 Messages from the Universal House of Justice 1986-2001: The Fourth Epoch of the Formative Age. The Universal House of Justice, BPT, Wilmette, Ill. 2009.
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QUR Qur'án, The.
RB1 Revelation of Baha’u’llah, The. vol.1. Adib Taherzadeh, GR, Oxford, 1974.á'í/Others/ROB/V1/Cover.html
RB2 Revelation of Baha’u’llah, The. vol. 2. Adib Taherzadeh, GR, Oxford, 1977.á'í/Others/ROB/V2/Cover.html
RB3 Revelation of Baha’u’llah, The. vol. 3. Adib Taherzadeh, GR, Oxford, 1983.á'í/Others/ROB/V3/Cover.html
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    BPT = Bahá'í Publishing Trust
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    GR = George Ronald Publisher
    KP = Kalimat Press
1. Browser Shortcuts

Uses of these shortcuts include being used for using specially enabled features of web browsers (or other applications) to allow the user to type a shortcut representing a specific book followed by a string (such as a page or paragraph number or search item) and then be brought to that page or paragraph of the book (or to a set of search results within that item), in most cases to a page of the Sacred Writings here at Bahá'í Library Online.

For example, you might type control-L (or command-L) to be brough to your browser's URL window, then type a shortcut (say, "gwb" for the book Gleanings) followed by a space and a page number (say, "52"), and the program would bring you to , or in other words, to page 52 of Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá'u'lláh here at Bahá'í Library Online

In addition to the abbreviations above, adding the letter "p" to the shortcuts will usually bring one to a paragraph number for the text, if paragraphs exist in the document in question (e.g., "kap" could be used for "Kitáb-i-Aqdas paragraph"). In a few cases, "s" is used similarly to denote a section (e.g., "gwbs" for a section number of Gleanings). The letter "y" is also used after book abbreviations to perform a Yahoo site search for text within that specific book (or collection); just type the search string after the abbreviation (e.g,. "gwby God" would search Gleanings for "God").

If you prefer to get quickly to the Writings from menus rather than having to remember shortcuts, you might be interested in using Jump-to-page site which has a menu of all of the Sacred Writings, and then one simply needs to type a page (or paragraph or section) number and hit return to go to it directly.

PC or Macintosh

Firefox or Mozilla provide this functionality through "Custom Keywords". You can download a set of our pre-made shortcuts for a bookmarks file here. If you save this file on your hard-drive, be sure to find-and-replace all instances of "& amp;" (without the space) (if your browser generates them when saving an HTML file) with "&" in the source code (or avoid this by copying and pasting the source code directly from the live version and create your own local HTML file), go to Firefox's Bookmarks Manager (i.e., "Manage Bookmarks..."), and choose "import" from the menu. You should then choose the option to import from a file, and then find our bookmarks file on your hard-drive. You should then be able to use the shortcuts provided. You can find out what the shortcuts are by looking either at the Bookmarks properties, or by finding the bookmarks in the Bookmarks Manager and having "keywords" selected to appear in your view of the Bookmarks Manager columns. The keywords are listed here and are mostly intuitive, however, so you will probably not need to consult them often. Just remember to separate the keyword and search term (or page number) with a space.

If you wish to be able to use the search sites to search highlighted text in your browser (activated by clicking the right mouse button (contextual menu)), you can install this extension. Regarding other Bahá'í-related Mozilla-type program, see also here and here.

Macintosh only

For the Macintosh, one can also get the free software, Sogudi, to use with the web browser Safari. We have a list of pre-made shortcuts saved as a Sogudi preferences file here.

If one also obtains the free software, "Quicksilver" and a free plugin (search the page for "Sogudi"), then one can also access these shortcuts not only from within the URL window of Safari, but also, after typing a keyboard shortcut to access the program (the default command is apple-space), one can get them globally (i.e., from whatever program you are in).

Likewise, the program Saft also for Safari (at the time of writing, $12 USD), can allow for shortcuts. In addition, these shortcuts become available as additional options through the Safari search bar as well as in contextual menu searches. (One could also use Saft's sidebar feature to save our scripture search page or similar Bahá'í search pages as a local HTML file to become accessible from the sidebar (see the instructions), as well as our RSS pages as RSS feeds.) To download the shortcuts ready for Saft import, download the file here and then go to Safari, choose preferences, choose Saft, choose the shortcuts submenu, and then click on the small-left arrow towards the bottom and middle of the window to select and import your locally-saved file.

2. Wiki Shortcuts

Our wiki site has added these abbreviations to our "interwiki" list, so that it is possible for one to use the shortcuts in place of URL's within the wiki code. For example, to link to page 15 of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas, one simply needs to type [[ka:15|]] into the wiki edit window (the double-brackets make a link and the pipe symbol after the number is shorthand for saying that the text preceding the pipe but after the colon is what should appear as the face of the link).

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