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Baha'i News was a publication that was circulated from December of 1924 until October of 1990. The title Baha'i News begins at issue 41, with the first 40 issues having the title of Baha'i News Letter (seeá'í_News_(disambiguation). (Not to be confused with Star of the West.)

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[1] Due to an apparent editorial error, part or all of a page is missing from issue #102 in this document. Page 2 ends in the middle of a letter from Shoghi Effendi to leroy Ioas. The last paragraph reads "Concerning your question relative to the duration of the Bahá'í Dispensation. There is no contradiction be-" Presumably the continuation should begin with "tween". I can not locate another copy of this letter elsewhere. But page 3 begins in the middle of a report by the National Teaching Committee. [-Don Calkins]
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