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  1. 1970-1995: Newspaper articles archive (1970). Collection of newspaper articles from 1970-1995. [about]
  2. 1996: Newspaper articles archive (1996). Collection of newspaper articles from 1996. [about]
  3. 1997: Newspaper articles archive (1997). Collection of newspaper articles from 1997. [about]
  4. 1998: Newspaper articles archive (1998). Collection of newspaper articles from 1998. [about]
  5. 1999: Newspaper articles archive (1999). Collection of newspaper articles from 1999. [about]
  6. 2000: Newspaper articles archive (2000). Collection of newspaper articles from 2000. [about]
  7. 2001: Newspaper articles archive (2001). Collection of newspaper articles from 2001. [about]
  8. 2002: Newspaper articles archive (2002). Collection of newspaper articles from 2002. [about]
  9. 2003: Newspaper articles archive (2003). Collection of newspaper articles from 2003. [about]
  10. 2004: Newspaper articles archive (2004). Collection of newspaper articles from 2004. [about]
  11. 2005: Newspaper articles archive (2005). Collection of newspaper articles from 2005. [about]
  12. A Última Heterodoxia, by Ana Cristina Leonardo (2006). Article published in Expresso, a very influential newspaper in Portugal. A positive article towards the Faith. [about]
  13. `Abdu'l-Bahá's 1912 Howard University Speech: A Civil War Discourse for Interracial Emancipation, by Christopher Buck and Nahzy Abadi Buck (2012). Presentation at Grand Canyon Bahá'í Conference on Abdu'l-Bahá and the Black Intelligentsia, especially W. E. B. Du Bois; his speech to the NAACP; and reproductions of many newspaper clippings covering his visit to Washington, DC. [about]
  14. 'Abdul Baha Talks to Kate Carew of Things Spiritual and Mundane, by Kate Carew, in New York Tribune (1912). [about]
  15. Appreciations of the Bahá'í Faith, in Bahá'í World, Vol. 8 (1938-1940) (1941). Excerpts from books, magazines, newspaper articles, and testimonials. [about]
  16. Are Independents Just Partisans In Disguise?, by Shankar Vedantam, in Morning Edition (2012). Political attitudes and voting patterns in the United States, including brief interview with a Baha'i voter. [about]
  17. As sure as spring follows winter, better times are ahead, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2011). Seasonal spring can be a metaphor for spiritual spring: the renewal of faith. Baha'is celebrate both in the annual festival of Ridvan, and this April they will also be praying for the release of imprisoned Iranian Baha'is. [about]
  18. Babi Attempt on the Life of the Shah, 1852: Coverage in the New York Times, by New York Times, in New York Times (1852). Five brief newspaper reports, among the earliest known references to the Báb in an American publication. [about]
  19. Bahá'ísm Today, by Wilhelmina Bain, in The Otago Witness (1913). Short, early overview of the Baha'i Faith, among the first published in New Zealand. [about]
  20. Bahá'i: A Second Look, by Marcus Bach, in Christian Century, 74:15 (1957). [about]
  21. Baha'i Faith Will Advertise: Editorial, in Christian Century, 63:39 (1946). One-paragraph report of a 1946 outreach effort. [about]
  22. Bahá'í Message, The, by Walter Bryant Guy, in Fernandina Beach News Leader (1927). A series of 16 newspaper articles summarizing Baha'i history and teachings in "Florida's Oldest News Weekly Newspaper" by a writer who visited Abdu'l-Baha several times between 1901-1921 and traveled extensively among the Bahá'ís in foreign lands. [about]
  23. Bahá'í News: Complete issues, in Bahá'í News (1924). Link to offsite documents. [about]
  24. Bahá'í Temple Moves Toward Completion, in The Christian Century, 58:43 (1941). One-paragraph blurb from 1941. [about]
  25. Bahá'ís have outsized MLK presence, by Abe Levy, in My San Antonio (2013). Baha'is play an increasingly-active role in events celebrating the message of Martin Luther King. [about]
  26. Bahá'ís Têm Nova Direcção Mundial, by Antonio Marujo, in Jornal Publico (2003). Article on the Election of the Universal House of Justice, published in a Portuguese newspaper. [about]
  27. Cases of Dhabihu'llah Mahrami and Musa Talibi, The, by National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States and Amnesty International (1998). In June 1994 and January 1996, two Baha'is in Iran were arrested and later sentenced to death for the crime of apostasy from Islam. These 9 documents and articles are about their case. [about]
  28. Celebrating a 'revolutionary' who ushered in a new age, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2009). The heretical and progressive message of The Báb. [about]
  29. Celebrating Survival, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2011). Hardships lead to spiritual growth. Grief is sent by God to perfect us, and comfort comes from passing through difficult times. [about]
  30. Comunidade Bahá'í em Portugal, by Rute Moreira, in Correio da Manha (2001). An article published in a Portuguese Newspaper with an introductory text to the Bahai Faith. [about]
  31. Criminalizing the Baha'i Religion, by Christopher Buck, in Iran Press Watch (2009). [about]
  32. Cultivation of Belief, The: 'The Gardener,' Mohsen Makhmalbaf's Inquiry Into Religion, by Manohla Dargis, in New York Times (2013). A review of The Gardener, a meditative documentary by an outsider which is partly about the Baha'i Faith. [about]
  33. Dichotomies of Charles Dickens still hold true today, The, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2011). On the state of the present-day world, which swings between the extremes of unprecedented achievements and unimaginable horrors. [about]
  34. Early mention of Bábís in western newspapers, summer 1850 (1850). Very brief newspaper mentions about the rise of the Bábí movement: Tioga Eagle (Wellsborough, Pennsylvania) 1850-08-21; Church and State Gazette (Middlesex, London) 1850-07-19; Nevada State Journal 1871-12-23. [about]
  35. Faith and Works: Maoris and the Baha'i Faith (1995). The transcript of an interview with two New Zealand Baha'is, Huti Toataua and Hedi Moani, aired by the New Zealand National Radio show "Faith and Works" (May, 1995) on "the growing relationship between the Maori community and the Baha'i Faith." [about]
  36. Fasting period ends Sunday, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2011). The Fast helps us remember the goals of eradicating poverty and achieving gender equality. [about]
  37. First newspaper story of the events of the Bábí Faith (2013). Six versions of the first public mentions in English of the Bábís, from November 1845. [about]
  38. Hainsworth, Philip (2001). Bio of a prominent pioneer, administrator, and author. [about]
  39. History of the Bahá'í Faith in Trinidad and Tobago: Biographies and newspaper articles, by Kathryn Anderson and Kathleen Farabi (2010). Link to a website containing history and biographies. Includes newspaper articles "First Bahá'í wedding in Trinidad" (1970), "First NSA of the Bahá'ís of Trinidad" (1971), and "Hand of the Cause Ugo Giachery" (1972). [about]
  40. Hojjatiyeh, Mesbahiyeh, and Ahmadinejad, by Muhammad Sahimi (2010). History of anti-Baha'i activities in Iran. [about]
  41. How a 19th-century Persian faith became the second-most common religion in our state: Why So Many Bahá'í?, by Paul Bowers, in Charleston City Paper (2014). [about]
  42. Huffington Post articles about the Bahá'í Faith. Link to thousands of items at mentioning, or about, the Baha'i Faithh. [about]
  43. Human Rights Watch on Persecution of Baha'is in Iran, by Reuters (1997). Two articles covering a report by Human Rights Watch on the treatment of the Baha'is and other minorities in Iran. [about]
  44. Humankind can't fly until men and women are truly equal, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2011). Baha'is recognize the importance of International Women's Day. William Hatcher had many observations about the importance of equality and the place of women. [about]
  45. I am a Bahá'í, by Guy Murchie (1958). "An Exotic Faith Has Built One of the World's Great Temples Here. A Believer Tells What That Faith Means to Him." [about]
  46. Imbrie Murder Laid to Religious Hate, in New York Times (1924). Two brief articles describing the 1924 murder of an American diplomat by a Muslim mob who thought he was a Baha'i. [about]
  47. In the Face of Oppression, by Geoffrey Cameron, in The Mark News (2011). The Bahá'ís in Iran have long been persecuted, but stand strong in their pursuit of a just society. [about]
  48. In tough times, we could all be a little more spiritual, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2009). The importance of praying with and for our friends and neighbors. [about]
  49. Investment in your community reaps priceless profits, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2010). Getting to know people in your community, and being helpful to your neighbors, has unexpected benefits. [about]
  50. Iran Seeks to Suppress Baha'i Faith: Editorial, in The Christian Century, 72:23 (1955). One-paragraph editorial from 1955. [about]
  51. Iran's Genocidal Mentality, by W. Andy Knight, in The Mark News (2010). The systematic, government-sanctioned persecution of the Baha'i minority in Iran can be considered a crime against humanity. [about]
  52. Iranian Bahá'ís in captivity are living, and suffering, for all of us, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2011). Why did a group of Baha'is in Iran in 1983 choose to be executed rather than renounce their faith? A new group of Baha'is in Iran is facing the same fate. [about]
  53. Iranian fun and games with Bahá'í followers, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2010). Satirical look at contemporary Iranian persecutions of the Baha'is. [about]
  54. Iranian Intellectuals and the Bahá'ís (2010). 59 essays from 2008-2009 in Iranian newspapers or by influential thinkers, about the Baha'i Faith in contemporary Iran. Most of these were also translated by Rabbani. [about]
  55. It's not a great weight-loss plan, but fasting is good for the soul, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2011). Humorous look at the Fast and questions from non-Baha'is, and an overview of the laws of fasting. [about]
  56. Jesus asks all people 'Who do people say that I am?': Replies from several non-Christians, by Christopher Buck and et al., in Ottawa Citizen (1997). A short collection of non-Christian perspectives on Jesus, published in commemoration of Easter. [about]
  57. Le Journal de Constantinople (1848). Collection of 818 files, unsorted. They contain an unknown number of references to the Báb and his milieu. Four entries have been found so far, and searching this archive may yield more. [about]
  58. Letter [on Babis and Nestorians], by Austin Wright, in Missionary Herald, 49:3 (1853). Letter from November 1852, with a brief mention of the assassination attempt on the Sháh. [about]
  59. Life Histories of Bahá'í Women in Canada: Constructing Religious Identity in the Twentieth Century, by Lynn Echevarria-Howe (2011). Introductory chapter of a study of the essential features of living a Bahá'í life, examining experiences of a diverse group of Canadian Baha'is through a sociological framework and a women-centred perspective. Includes newspaper article about Echevarria. [about]
  60. Lighthouses of kindness are scattered among us, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2010). The beauty of those who care for others and do special things in their communities. [about]
  61. Little 'aliens' who spontaneously break into song, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2009). On raising our children ("little aliens") and what they're learning from the contemporary world they see. [about]
  62. Little Religion That Persists, The: The Bahá'í in Israel, by Kark Vick, in Time Magazine (2011). [about]
  63. Lost in Translation, by Brian Whitaker, in Guardian (UK) (2002). Transcribing Arabic into the Roman alphabet is fraught with difficulty. And in an age of electronic text, search engines and databases, the problem is only going to get worse. [about]
  64. Materialism Wearing Away at Our Kids, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2012). The materialism of modern society and media is distracting many of our children. Adults must be aware that they are key role models for their kids. [about]
  65. Message from Abdu'l-Baha, Head of the Baha'is, A, in New York Times (1912). News article of Abdu'l-Baha's tour. Includes scanned image of various newspaper clippings and photographs of Abdu'l-Baha. [about]
  66. New John the Baptist Preaching Universal Brotherhood: Abdul Ba-ha Patriarchal Head of Bahá'ísts in Denver With Message of Love and Justice to All and for All, by Alice Rohe, in The Daily News (1912). News article of Abdu'l-Baha's tour. Includes scanned image of original newspaper and photograph of Abdu'l-Baha. [about]
  67. Nobility is showing kindness and courtesy when times are tough, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2009). Story of Behrouz Tavakkoli, one of the seven "Yaran" (friends) imprisoned in Iran in 2008. [about]
  68. Obituary: James Nelson, by Keith Thursby, in Los Angeles Times (2011). [about]
  69. Obituary: R. Jackson Armstrong-Ingram: April 30, 1954 - Oct. 21, 2004, in South Bend Tribune (2004). An obituary of Baha'i scholar and archivist R. Jackson Armstrong-Ingram, who passed away October 20, 2004, from his hometown newspaper. [about]
  70. Os 50 Anos da Fé Bahá'í em Cabo Verde, by Varqa Jalali (2004). An article about the 50 years of the Faith in the Islands of Cape Verde. [about]
  71. Os Novos Jardins Suspensos do Monte Carmelo: Baha'ís inauguram espaço verde em Haifa, by Antonio Marujo, in Jornal Publico (2001). Newspaper article published in a Portugal, about the gardens in Mt. Carmel. [about]
  72. Power of Prayer Brings a Higher Force into Play, The, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2011). Some ideas about how prayer works. [about]
  73. Providing answers to oft-asked questions of Baha'is, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2009). What do Baha'is believe? [about]
  74. Recharge your batteries by detaching for a while, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2010). [about]
  75. Religious Chic, by Zuo Xuan, in Global Times (2010). A portrait of the Baha'is in contemporary China. [about]
  76. (Report to the) American Oriental Society / A New Prophet, by Austin Wright, in The Literary World, 228:8 (1851). First paper on Bábí history, from a letter to the American Oriental Society, published in multiple newspapers, including translation into German. Includes preface by Steven Kolins. [about]
  77. Shirin Ebadi: A collection of newspaper articles (2003). Articles about the winner of the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize who has championed the rights of the Baha'i community. [about]
  78. Short Chapter in the History of Bâbeeism in Persia, A, by Austin Wright, in Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society (1853). Letter to the American Oriental Society recounting the continuation of Bábísm and attack on the Shah. Follow-up to Wright's first report on Bábí history, from June 1851. [about]
  79. Short Takes, in dialogue magazine (1986). Brief reports on various topics, mostly related to politics or then-current news, published in 5 issues of dialogue magazine. [about]
  80. There are rifts, but we have so much in common, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2011). Unity of religions, and a review of Harold Rosen's book Founders of Faith: The Parallel Lives of God's Messengers. [about]
  81. Threatening Agenda, A: Iran's shameful denial of education to its Baha'i community, by Geoffrey Cameron, in Cherwell (2008). [about]
  82. Throndhjems borgerlige Realskoles, in Adresseavisa, 131 (1852). 1852 report in Norwegian on assassination attempt of the Sháh. [about]
  83. Transcript of interview with Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, by Mohammad Khatami (1998). [about]
  84. Trial of The Yaran ("Friends in Iran"): Six Essays, by Christopher Buck, in Iran Press Watch (2009). Six essays by Buck from a legal perspective about the extended imprisonment of seven Baha'i leaders in Tehran. [about]
  85. Trial of the Yaran under Iranian Criminal Procedure: “The Justice of God” or Procedural Injustice?, The: Iranian Islam, not the Yaran, on trial in the court of international opinion, by Christopher Buck, in Iran Press Watch (2010). Two essays about legal issues associated with the 2009-2010 trial of the Yaran, the former informal group of leaders of the Baha'i community of Iran. [about]
  86. Tribunais egipcios condenam baha'is a pesadas penas, by Mario Robalo (1988). Clip from a Portuguese newspaper. Egyptian courts rules heavy sentences for Baha'is [about]
  87. True wealth isn't something you will find in your wallet, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2010). Contrasting consumerism with the needs of others. [about]
  88. United Nations and the Bahá'ís, The: An Interview with Kofi Annan, by Kofi Annan, in Yale International Forum, 1:2 (1999). Annan's vision for the institution of the U.N., and mentions of the Baha'is in Iran. [about]
  89. Unity of Messengers, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2009). Messengers from all the major religions come from the same source; accepting this unity helps us recognize how much needless conflict in the world is based on religious prejudice and misunderstanding. [about]
  90. We are overdue to honour our end of our covenant with God, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2010). Overview of the meanings of the Covenant, from a personal perspective. [about]
  91. We can do without fences built by prejudice, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2011). Just as a windstorm knocks down fences, struggles can unite strangers and overcoming barriers will improve communities. [about]
  92. We shouldn't occupy ourselves with the faults of others, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2010). Baha'is are encouraged to speak well of others, avoid back-biting, and follow the examples of the Manifestations and Abdu'l-Baha. [about]
  93. What do Baha'is believe about gender?, by Gleibys L. Buchanan, in Washington Post (2011). [about]
  94. What does a Baha'i look like? Look around you, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2011). What distinguishes Baha'is and Baha'i culture. [about]
  95. What is the Iranian government so afraid of?, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2011). The value of education, and the forced closing of the Bahá'í Institute for Higher Education in Iran. [about]
  96. WIPO Domain Name Dispute: Case D2001-1302, "" (2001). A legal ruling finding, on behalf of the Baha'is, that unauthorized use of the domain is a trademark infringement. Followed by a newspaper article from Newsbytes, "Bahá'í Organization Bests Speculator In Domain Dispute." [about]
  97. World Bank's meeting with the world's religions (1998). Five articles on the dialogue for broadening "opportunities for common understanding and action in tackling the critical issue of global poverty" include discussion of Baha'i involvement in the conference. [about]
  98. Younger Generation Has Always Had the Power to Reshape Our World, The, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2010). Young people have a great potential to shape society. Youth trained to lead junior youth groups are called "animators"; they can help guide activist potential to achieving positive effect. [about]
  99. Youths of today can make a difference, if we let them, by Ted Slavin, in St. Catharines Standard (2010). If given opportunity to, teens want to be helpful in their community, not just be "cool." [about]
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