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  1. Account of How I Became a Bahá'í and My Stays in Paris in 1901 and 1937, An: Written at the Request of Mrs. Laura Dreyfus-Barney, by Agnes Baldwin Alexander (1958). Biographies. [about]
  2. History of the Bahá'í Faith in Japan 1914-1938, by Agnes Baldwin Alexander (1977). An account of the Bahá'í Cause in Japan, China, Korea, and the Hawaiian Islands, prepared by request of the Guardian. Books. [about]
  3. Lango: Language Organization, by Antony Alexander and Robert Craig (1996). Books. [about]
  4. Modern Wayfarer in Persia, A, by Constance M. Alexander (1931). Two-page overview of Babi history, and passing mention of the Baha'is in Tabriz. Book excerpts. [about]
  5. Notes Taken in the Presence of Shoghi Effendi, by Agnes Baldwin Alexander (1937). Notes from a pilgrimage in spring, 1937. Two editions of the notes are presented in parallel. Pilgrims' notes. [about]
  6. Significance of the Four Year Plan, The, by Andrew Alexander, in Solas, 4 (2004). A look at the central documents of the 4 Year Plan (1996-2000) and their relevance to the new century. Understanding these International Plans helps the Baha'i community evolve and expand. Includes overview of the role of these Plans in Baha'i history. Published Articles. [about]
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