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Nederland / The Netherlands
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Omid Aazami, dancer in the Awake Dutch Bahá´í Dancegroup, The Netherlands.

Rahmatolláh Badiyi, musician (primarily the violin), Iran / The Netherlands.

Anneke Buys, poet, reviewer (poetry), The Netherlands.

Victor D'Aravjo, poet, The Netherlands.

Yorum Diamand, photographer, The Netherlands.

Miep Diekmann, writer, journalist, The Netherlands.

Coskun Dogruluk, photographer, The Netherlands / Turkey.

Tahirih Fruchaud, photographs, paintings, drawings, installations, The Netherlands

Theo Jansen, mobile sculputural "Beach Beasts", The Netherlands.

Claire Janssen, visual artist, The Netherlands.

Murk Jiskoot, percussionist, The Netherlands.

Leidi Haaijer, visual artist, The Netherlands.

Tina Herslund, visual arts, The Netherlands.

Leo Klein sculpture, curation, art gallery, The Netherlands / Belgium

Rudolph Korsten, poet, The Netherlands.

Chiel Kuijl, sculpture, installation, The Netherlands.

Sen McGlinn, poet, reviewer, editor, The Netherlands / New Zealand.

Taraneh Mozoun, ceramic objects, the Netherlands.

Natalie Muller, textiles, The Netherlands.

Nadieh, singer, songwriter, musician, The Netherlands.

Marco Naseman, photographic installations, The Netherlands.

Herman Poort, poet, Czech Republic / The Netherlands.

Jessy Rahman, visual artist, arts co-ordinator, curator, The Netherlands.

Diana Ramaekers, visual artist, The Netherlands.

Caroline Ruizeveld, sculptor, The Netherlands.

Rosey E. Pool, poet, wrote anthologies on African American poetry, The Netherlands.

Jan Sijsling (1919 - 2004), arts supporter, early member of BAFA, The Netherlands.

Jacomien Souverijn, painter, The Netherlands.

Thea Souwer, paintings, cards, The Netherlands.

Eugene Stijns, sculpture, The Netherlands.

Thidrin, world music band, (Morocco) The Netherlands

Saskia van Baarda, poet, The Netherlands.

Hugo van Bolhuis, musician, The Netherlands.

Henk van der Voort, printmaker, painter, The Netherlands.

Sonja van Kerkhoff, visual artist, reviewer (visual arts) / editor, The Netherlands.

Wendy van Overmeeren, studies in Chinese theatre, translates from Chinese, (P.R. China) The Netherlands.

Joke van Stuijvenberg, sculpture, installatons, performance, The Netherlands.   Français

Tom van Teijlingen, sculpture / installatons, The Netherlands

Marion Traenkle, interactive media, dance, architecture, public art projects, Germany / The Netherlands.

Anne Verhoijsen, visual artist, performance art, the Netherlands

Jacqueline Wassen, illustrator, painter, mail art, The Netherlands.

Melies Wessels, sculptor / painter / children's art classes, The Netherlands.

Associations, Groups, Publications...


  • NUFFIC: national funding body for study exchange.
  • Useful site in Dutch and English for finding educational and arts related sites.

  • Agenda Gids a bi-monthly guide of exhibitions in galleries, art institutes and museums in Amsterdam

  • Stichting MultiArtDisc (MAD), Foundation for electronic arts which offers advice and some facilities. Based in Eindhoven.

  • The European League of Institutes of the Arts - ELIA is an independent network of Arts Education Institutes, covering all the disciplines of the Arts: Dance, Design, Theatre, Fine Art, Music,Media Arts and Architecture, with appr. 350 members in 47 countries, founded in Amsterdam in 1990.

  • Uitlijn: Arts, Dance, Film, Theatre, New Media, events in Amsterdam.

  • Individuals
  • Paul Donker Duyvis, Photoworks - Installations. He lives in Amsterdam.
  • Gaudi Hoedaya - web and design in general, based in Rotterdam.

  • Stoomstudio - illustration, web and cdrom design, based in Amsterdam.
  • Tom van Teijlingen - web design, flash interaction, based in Amsterdam.
  • BytesAhead - Martin de Wit, et al, web designer, musician, based in Rotterdam.

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