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TAGS: Chahar Vadi (Four Valleys); Covenant (general); Crimson Ark; Gems; Haft Vadi (Seven Valleys); Illumination; Javahirul-Asrar (Gems of Divine Mysteries); Journey; Lawh-i-Mallahul-Quds (Tablet of the Holy Mariner); Lover and the Beloved; Maid of Heaven; Mirrors; Mount Sinai; Paradise; Physician; Promised One; Sadratul-Muntaha (Lote Tree); Search (general); Symbolism; Unity; Water (general); Wine (symbol)
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Chapter from the author's book Paradise and Paradigm: Key Symbols in Persian Christianity and the Baha’i Faith. See SUNY Press flyer.

Also online at Journal of Baha'i Studies past issues archive.

A Symbolic Profile of the Bahá'í Faith

by Christopher Buck

published in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 8:4, page 1–48
Ottawa: Association for Baha'i Studies, 1998
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