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TAGS: Afterlife; Alchemy; Angels; Cosmology; Fatimah (daughter of Muhammad); Henry Corbin; Holy Spirit; Hurqalya; Philosophy; Philosophy, Islamic; Philosophy, Shaykhi; Philosophy, Zoroastrian; Resurrection; Reward and punishment; Shaykhism; Shiism; Sophia (wisdom); Soul; Symbolism; Worlds of God; Zoroastrianism
LOCATIONS: Iran (documents)
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An analysis of interrelated themes in Iranian religion, including the angelology of Mazdaism and Islamic Shi'ite concepts of spirit-body identity. Includes descriptions of cosmologies in Zoroastrian, Shi'i Islamic and Shaykhi philosophies.
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Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth:
From Mazdean Iran to Shi'ite Iran

by Henry Corbin

translated by Nancy Pearson.
Princeton University Press, 1977
originally published as "Terre celeste et corps de resurrection: de l'lran mazdéen a l'lran shi'ite" in French.
first written or published 1953/1960
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