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1956 (Summer) David Bowie became a Bahá'í and was soon followed by his wife Carol who was later elected to the National Spiritual Assembly and was appointed to the Auxiliary Board in 1975. [UC61-62] Niagara Falls, ON David Bowie; Carol Bowie; Auxiliary Board members
1957 Dec The National Spiritual Assembly appointed a National Promulgation Committee with a mandate to bring the Bahá'i Faith to the attention of Christian clergy and laymen throughout Canada. The committee members were: Fred and Jean Graham, Douglas and Elizabeth Martin, David and Carol Bowie. Hamilton was chosen as the site for a pilot project. Every minister and priest received the pamphlet, "The Promised Day of God" and a letter with the National Spiritual Assembly letterhead outlining Bahá'u'lláh's claim to be the return of Christ. Every Protestant minister received a copy of the article by Marcs Bach from the Christian Century entitled, "Bahá'í, a Second Look" and every Catholic priest received a pamphlet with excerpts from Bahá'u'lláh's Tablet to the Pope. Archdeacons and Bishops and prominent Presbyterian and United ministers receive a copy of Christ and Bahá'u'lláh. In addition a letter was sent to the local Council of Churches or Ministerial Association outlining Bahá'u'lláh's claim and including a pamphlet and the Christian Century article and offering a speaker if they desired.
  • On the weekend following the mailout, notices were placed in the newspaper on the church page informing people that their clergy had received the material and notice was given about a public meeting on Sunday with the subject "Christ and Bahá'u'lláh".
  • Questionnaires were sent to every group in Ontario requesting information that would facilitate further plans. [CBN No 104 September 1958 p3-4]
  • Hamilton, ON Promulgation Campaign; Fred Graham; Jean Graham; Douglas Martin; Elizabeth Martin; David Bowie; Carol Bowie
    1959 Mar Fred Graham was asked to preside over a name-giving ceremony for Michelle Jamál Bowie, daughter of Carol and David Bowie of Niagara Falls who had been born in December, 1958. [UC88]

    Mrs Audrey Rayne presided at the name-giving ceremony for the two children of Mr and Mrs K Ross in Halifax. [CBN No 110 March 1959 p3]

    Niagara Falls, ON; Halifax, NS Naming ceremony; Fred Graham; Carol Bowie; David Bowie; Michelle Bowie; Audrey Rayne; K Ross
    1959 Sep Carol and David Bowie pioneered to Ear Falls, Ontario and had to relinquish membership on the National Promulgation Committee. The new membership was: Fred Graham, Douglas Martin, Jeannie Seddon, Donald Dainty and Gail Burland (secretary). [CBN No 127 August 1960 p70] iiiii Ear Falls, ON Carol Bowie; David Bowie; Fred Graham; Douglas Martin; Jeannie Seddon; Don Dainty; Gail Burland; Proclamation I; Promulgation Campaign
    1961 (Spring) Ron Parsons became a Bahá'í some time before July in 1961. [CBN No 138 July 1961 p3]
  • At the time he was a United Church minister in Strathmore, AB. He had first heard of the Faith while serving in Red Lake, ON in 1960. A parishioner had directed him to speak with Carol and David Bowie while he was doing visitation in Ear Falls where the Bowie family lived. Following his visit the Bowies sent him a copy of Christ and Bahá'u'lláh and on the next visit he left with the Kitáb-i-Íqán and subsequently was loaned The World Order of Bahá'u'lláh. Shortly after was transferred to Claresholm, AB and David put him in touch with Arthur and Lily-Ann Irwin who nurtured him into full acceptance of, and membership in, the Faith. [CBN No 127 August 1960 p4] [from and email correspondence with David Bowie 4 January 2020] iiiii
  • Red Lake, ON; Ear Falls, ON; Strathmore, AB Declaration; Carol Bowie; David Bowie; Ron Parsons; Arthur Irwin; Lily Ann Irwin
    2002. 31 Jul The publication of Personal Pathway for Spiritual Growth : A Personal Commentary on the Universal House of Justice's Six Requisites for Spiritual Growth by David and Carol Bowie.

    The book was written in response to the message from the Universal House of Justice dated 1 September 1983.

    New Liskeard, ON Personal Pathway for Spiritual Growth; Spiritual Growth; David Bowie; Carol Bowie
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