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1970's? Bijan Asdaghi was one of the first Persian Baha’is to immigrate to Canada prior to the Iranian revolution. [Edmonton Bahá'í History] [key] Bijan Asdaghi ; Immigration, Iranian
1970 (In the year) The passing of Florence Evaline (Lorol) Schopflocher in Montreal (b.1886)
  • Wife of Hand of the Cause of God Siegfried Schopflocher. For his "In Memoriam" see BW7p664.
  • She circled the globe nine times on travel teaching tours and visited some 86 countries, many of them multiple times. She travelled to Iran twice visiting parts not previously visited by Western Bahá'ís.
  • She visited the Guardian 11 times.
  • She had several audiences with King Feisal in Iraq and discussed the question of the House of Bahá'u'lláh in Baghdád with him.
  • Favourite themes for her public talks were the World Order letters of Shoghi Effendi and the emancipation and education of women.
  • She was interred in the Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal. A radiant star went from the West to the East. [BW15p488-489]
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  • Montreal,QC Lorol Schopflocher; Siegfried Schopflocher; Births and deaths; In Memoriam; House of Bahaullah (Baghdad)
    1972 Jan Jalál was founded by three members of the Mozart Group, Larry Brown, Rodney Konopaki, and Garry Brown, and then joined by keyboardist Jack Lenz in July of the same year. After having toured across Canada for nine months and the group eventually settled in Toronto. [Facebook posting THE SPARK: 1967 - 1973 9 FEBRUARY 2020] Saskatoon,SK; Toronto, ON Jalal; Mozart Group; Larry Brown; Rodney Konopaki; Garry Brown; Jack Lenz
    1970 12 Jan An animated presentation entitled "The Community of Baha'u'llah" made its initial presentation at the Art Centre in Ottawa. They had just come from their trial run in St. Lambert, Quebec and had a plan to visit Oshawa, Hamilton, Guelph, North Bay, Fort William (Thunder Bay), Winnipeg, Brandon, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Kelowna, Vancouver, Nanaimo and Victoria before doing their final presentation in Toronto just before the National Convention.
  • The hosts for the presentation were: Al Houdek, Gerry Bourassa; Leslie Houdek, Sandra Kostaschuk, Garry Berteig; Larry Brown, and Valerie Berteig with Dick Stanton as the Tour Manager.
  • Travelling exhibit was intended as a vehicle to introduce the Message of Baha'u'llah. They utilized film, sound and slides, as well as traditional art forms. The plan was to have the local communities integrate interested person into the community after the team had made the initial contact. The eight member team made the three month trip in two vehicles, an Econoline van and a station wagon. [CBN No 236 January-February 1970 BE 126 p1]
  • The tour continued into the Maritimes for several more months with some changes in the team to include Gale Bundy, Fred Ward, and Bob Kingdon. The tour ended at Rochdale College in Toronto. [email exchange with Garry Berteig 4 January 2020] iiiii
  • St Lambert, QC; Ottawa, ON; Oshawa, ON; Hamilton, ON; Guelph, ON; North Bay, ON; Fort William, ON; Thunder Bay, ON; Winnipeg, MB; Brandon, MB; Regina, SK; Saskatoon, SK; Edmonton, AB; Lethbridge, AB; Kelowna, BC; Vancouver, BC; Nanaimo, BC; Victoria, BC; Toronto, ON Proclamation; The Community of Baha'u'llah; Al Houdek; Gerry Bourrassa; Leslie Houdek; Sandra Kostaschuk; Gary Berteig; Garry Brown; Valerie Berteig; Dick Stanton; Fred Ward; Gale Bundy; Bob Kingdon
    1970 1 Apr The Local Spiritual Assembly of Nepean Township achieved incorporation status. Members of the Assembly were: Lily Ann Irwin, Danielle Vafai, Wayne Irwin, Elizabeth Kerr-Wilson, James Atack, Johnny Jolly, Arthur Irwin, John Kerr-Wilson, and Monir Vafai. [CBN Dec 1970 p2] [key] Nepean, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, Incorporation; Lily Ann Irwin; Danielle Vafai; Wayne Irwin; Elizabeth Kerr-Wilson; James Atack; Johnny Jolly; Arthur Irwin; John Kerr-Wilson; Monir Vafai.
    1970 (Early Oct) Hand of the Cause of God Enoch Olinga arrived in Halifax. The next day he gave an address at the Cherry Brook High School. [CBN244Nov1970p1] [key] Halifax, NS Hand of the Cause of God Enoch Olinga
    1970 Oct After a stopover in Toronto Mr. Olinga visited the community of St. James-Assiniboia. [CBN244Nov1970p1] [key] Toronto, ON; St. James-Assiniboia, MB Hand of the Cause of God Enoch Olinga
    1970 9-10 Oct Mr. Olinga was warmly received by about 200 people, mostly drawn from surrounding Reserves, in Fort Qu'Appelle. The next day he took part in a Feast for the Dead then the passing of the pipe and was presented with a beaded necklace by Dorothy Francis. [CBN244Nov1970p1] [key] Fort Qu'Appelle, SK Hand of the Cause of God Enoch Olinga; Qu'Appelle
    1970 11 Oct Mr. Olinga attended the Alberta Regional Convention at Red Deer. He spoke of the essential spiritual nature of the Native people and how they will become strong teachers if visited on the reserves regularly to increase their knowledge of the Faith. [CBN244Nov1970p1-2] [key] Red Deer, AB Hand of the Cause of God Enoch Olinga; Regional Convention
    1970 Oct Mr. Olinga visited the Blood Reserve near Cardston, AB. Six persons declared their Faith from the Reserve alone. [CBN244Nov1970p2] [key] Blood Reserve,AB Hand of the Cause of God Enoch Olinga
    1970 Oct Mr. Olinga visited the Gleichen Reserve and attended a meeting in a private home. Gleichen Reserve, AB Hand of the Cause of God Enoch Olinga
    1970 17 Oct The Hand of the Cause of God was greeted at the Whitehorse airport by 60 Bahá'ís. Later that evening there was a meeting in the Masonic Hall. [CBN244Nov1970p2] [key] Whitehorse, YT Hand of the Cause of God, Enoch Olinga,
    1970 18 Oct Mr. Olingo gave an address at the Whitehorse Flats Indian Village and another in the Elk's Hall in the evening. [CBN244Nov1970p2] [key] Whitehorse Flats Indian Village, YT Hand of the Cause of God, Enoch Olinga,
    1970 19 Oct Mr. Olinga departed Whitehorse for Alaska. [CBN244Nov1970p2] [key] Whitehorse, YT, Hand of the Cause of God, Enoch Olinga,
    1970 Dec One of the goals of the Canadian Bahá'í Community was to prepare its "daughter" community, Iceland, to achieve National Assembly status by Ridván 1972 with incorporation by 1973. To facilitate these goals the National Spiritual Assembly assigned Douglas and Elizabeth Martin to the project with Elizabeth as the principal executive. The opening phase of proclamation was launched at a Victory Conference which resulted in the enrollment of thirty people in January, 1971 thus doubling the numbers in Iceland.
  • In addition six Icelandic believers, three of them youth, were invited to attend the Canadian National Convention in Halifax at Ridván. They were: Gudmundur Bardarson, Anna Maggy Palsdottir, Baldur B. Bragason, Margret Bardardottir, Svana Einarsdottir, and Janina Njalsdottir. [BN485 6 August, 1971 pg 6]
  • The Icelandic community organized a team to undertake a summer teaching project in the Faroes Islands in cooperation with the UK Bahá'ís. [BW15335-336]
  • Three additional local assemblies were formed in Iceland in August 1971 and they were in Keflavik, Hafnarfjordur and Kopavogur. [HNWE26] [key]
  • Reykjavik, Iceland Conference; Victory Conference; Elizabeth Martin; Douglas Martin; Gudmundur Bardarson; Anna Maggy Palsdottir; Baldur B. Bragason; Margret Bardardottir; Svana Einarsdottir; and Janina Njalsdottir
    1971 11 Feb Montreal Municipality issued a permit recognizing the Maxwell home as a Bahá'í Shrine after nine years of negotiations and delays. With this struggle came a hidden blessing. For years the Shrine had been used as a Bahá'í Centre by the Montreal community, open also to friends of the area as a place to hold public meetings, open Feasts, and certain activities not always suited to it as a Shrine. The realization was made that it was a National Bahá'í Shrine and as such should not be used as a centre. [CBNApril1971p10] [key] Montreal, QC Montreal Shrine; legal recognition
    1971 Ridván The election of the first spiritual assembly in Prince Rupert, BC.
  • Elected were: Fletcher Bennett, Robert Lee, Lynn Whitehouse, Elinor Bennett, Joan Kauth, Justine Stenset, Elsie Dryer and Irene Harris. [CBN257April1972p12]
  • 92 year old Irene Harris liked to be called "Grandma" because she is" a grandmother to all people, Chinese, Japanese, white people, to everyone". She was the first believer from the Kitwancool Nation. [CBN253Aug-Sep1971p6]
  • Prince Rupert, BC; Kitwancool Nation, BC LSA; Fletcher Bennett; Robert Lee; Lynn Whitehouse; Elinor Bennett; Joan Kauth; Justine Stenset; Elsie Dryer; Irene Harris; Local Spiritual Assembly, formation Irene
    1973 09 Feb Jalál performed with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra (73 musicians) at the Centennial Auditorium. The band had been commissioned in late 1972 to write an orchestrated work to perform with the symphony orchestra conducted by Dwaine Nelson. Their work was in two parts; the first was called ‘Prologue’, and the second ‘Love is the Mystery of Divine Revelation’.
  • Prior to the performance they had two rehearsals with the Symphony. They were greeted by a packed house of more than 2,000 persons. The group opened with a pop song from the Turtles called Elenore, backed by the symphony string section. Also included in the performance were a number of other original tunes which Jalál played without orchestra. In additon, Larry Brown performed a 15 minute solo classical guitar piece; Chaconne by J.S. Bach, transcribed by Segovia for classical guitar. It was the first time he had played classical guitar in public.
  • After the intermission Jalál and the orchestra came back together to perform Prologue, and Love is the Mystery of Divine Revelation. At the conclusion of the formal concert in the auditorium, the audience was invited to the cabaret room on the lower level to “rock out” with Jalál and a number of musician-friends. [Facebook post THE SPARK: 1967 - 1973 9 FEBRUARY 2020] [key]
  • Saskatoon,SK Jalal; Dwaine Nelson
    1973 22 May The passing of Alfred "Jim" Loft (b. 13 July 1908 in Hiawatha, Ontario) on Tyendinaga First Nation [BW16p514-516] [key] Tyendinaga First Nation; Hiawatha,ON; In Memoriam; Jim Loft
    1974 1 Feb The passing of Daoud Toeg (b. Baghdad, Iraq in 1897) in Hull, Quebec (now Gatineau).
  • After he had learned of the Faith he enrolled eight other persons before writing the Guardian with his own declaration.
  • He pioneered to Italy in the 1930s for about a year and a half.
  • In 1954 he was appointed Auxiliary Board Member for Iraq, on the first Auxiliary Board for Asia. He served for sixteen years.
  • He supervised the construction of the Hazíratu'l-Quds in Baghdad and was helpful in securing a Temple site.
  • Mr. Toeg served the Guardian by conveying artifacts and Huqúqu'lláh payments from Persia to the Holy Land at a time when there was no direct communications.
  • He served as a representative of the Huqúqu'lláh for the believers in Iraq.
  • He was instrumental in locating and photographing the caves of Sar-Galú in Sulaymáníyyih, Kurdistán where Bahá'u'lláh lived for two years while in retreat.
  • He, his wife Latifa, and their sons pioneered to Kirkuk during the Ten Year Crusade but after seven years were asked to return to Baghdad to assist with the work there.
  • The family left Iraq in 1970 and settled in Hull where they helped to establish the first Local Spiritual Assembly. [BW16p527-528, Bahá'í World 16, Grave] [key]
  • Hull, QC; Baghdad; Sulaymaniyyih; Kurdistan Daoud Toeg; In Memoriam
    1975 (In the year) Association for Bahá’í Studies was founded in Canada, in 1975, to promote the systematic study of the Bahá’í Faith and its application to the needs of humanity. Soon afterward, the Association expanded to serve the United States and Canada. Since that time, a network of affiliated Associations has emerged in other regions around the world. The Association operates a Centre for Bahá’í Studies, located in Ottawa, Canada, which coordinates the activities of the Association in North America. The Centre also serves as a site for research, information, and various forms of assistance and support for Bahá’í studies. [ABS; BW16:200]
  • For its history; terms of reference and programmes and publications see BW17:197–201.
  • Ottawa, ON Bahai Studies, Associations for
    1975 (In the year) Elizabeth Martin, with the help of Chris Lyons produced film entitled Invitation. It was a memoir of Amatu'l-Bahá Rúhíyyih Khánum incorporating footage from Khánum's Andean trip along with memories of her childhood years in Montreal. [HNWE36] [key] Toronto, ON film; Invitation; Elizabeth Martin; Chris Lyons; Amatu'l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum
    1957 Jul Hand of the Cause Dhikru'llah Khádem met with the National Spiritual Assembly. He had come from Central America and was visiting in the United States and Canada before returning to Haifa. He, his wife, and their daughter spent ten days in Canada and visited the friends in Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and London. [UC68] [key] Hamilton, ON; Toronto,ON; Montreal,QC; Ottawa,ON; London,ON Hand of the Cause Dhikru'llah Khadem
    1975 4 - 8 Jul The Ridván Message contained the phrase, "EVIDENCES GATHERING CLOUDS WIDESPREAD OPPOSITION" and the Universal House of Justice called together all the 'high ranking officers' and 'senior administrative bodies' of the Faith in North America for special consultation on the future protection of the Cause" to be held in Wilmette. It was attended by the three Hands of the Cause for North America, Mr Sears, Mr Robarts and Mr Zikrullah Khadem; the four members of the Board of Counsellors, Velma Sherrill, Lloyd Gardner, Sarah Periera, and Edna True; all the members of the National Spiritual Assemblies of Alaska, Canada and the United States as well as representative of the National Assembly of Hawaii; all of the Auxiliary Board members in North America and special guest, Counsellor 'Azíz Yazdí of the International Teaching Centre.
  • Although the primary reason for gathering was to discuss the issue of the protection of the Faith there were opportunities for members of the three National Spiritual Assemblies and the Auxiliary Boards to share teaching ideas and to hear of the goals achieved in other areas. [BN Vol 52 No 8 August, 1975 p13-14, CBN Issue 287 Aug/Sept 1975 p1-4] [key]
  • Wilmette,IL Conferences; Hands of the Cause; Protection; Continental Board of Counsellors; Auxiliary Board first continental conference in North America
    1975 21 Jul The passing of Fred Graham (b. 26 August, 1913 Rose Valley, PE) at his cottage, KirKonKotta, near Kincardine. He was buried in the small cemetery in Tiverton near a grove of six pine trees.
  • His funeral, chaired by Counsellor Lloyd Gardner, was held in Kincardine. Although remote from any large centre of population it was attended by about two hundred and seventy-five mourners. [BW16p558; CBN Issue 287 August/September 1975 p12-13; UC203-212]
  • A biography was published in 2013 by Dale Sims entitled An Uncommon Canadian: The Story of Fred Graham.
  • Rose Valley,PE; Kincardine,ON Fred Graham; In Memoriam
    1975 c. Aug Auxiliary Board Member Angus Cowan announced the appointment Mrs Stuart Hanks as Assistant for the province of Manitoba, Mr Don Rogers as Assistant for the province of Saskatchewan and Mrs Joyce McGuffie as Assistant for the First Nations communities.

    Auxiliary Board Member David Smith announced the appointment of Mr Douglas Wilson as Assistant for the territory of Central and Eastern Ontario. [CBN No 287 Aug/Sep 1975] [key]

    Canada Auxiliary Board Member; Assistant, Angus Cowan, David Smith, Stuart Hanks, Don Rogers, Joyce McGuffie, Douglas Wilson
    1975 7 Sep The official opening of the National Centre at 7200 Leslie Street in Thornhill Ontario. [from an invitation to the event] [key] Toronto, ON National Haziratu'l-Quds
    1976 (In the year) Earl “Black Crow” Healy (b. 1937 on the Blood (Kainai) Reserve – d. 21 November 2006 (CBNS 2006, Verge ND). He was a “champion pow-wow dancer, respected role-model for youth, and eager promoter of the Bahá’í Faith [CBNS 2006]. [key] Blood Reserve, AB Earl Healy; Black Crow
    1976 (In the year) Elizabeth Martin with Chris Lyons made a film called Retrospective, a memoir of Hand of the Cause John Robarts. It included his reminiscences of the Guardian and of the early days of the Faith in Canada. [HNWE36] [key] Toronto, ON film; Retrospective; Elizabeth Martin; Chris Lyons; Hand of the Cause John Robarts
    1976 Oct Angus Cowan was appointed to the Continental Board of Counsellors where he served until 1986. Angus introduced the Faith to Dorothy Francis who became a Baha’i in 1960. Angus Cowan; Continental Board of Counselors; Dorothy Francis
    1976 6 – 7 Nov The first Canadian Bahá’í Native Council was held in Tyendinaga, Ontario. [BW17:162] [key] Tyendinaga; ON first Canadian Bahá’í Native Council
    1977 20 Nov A new directive from the Universal House of Justice regarding assembly formation was announced.

    The Universal House of Justice has decided that during the last year of the Five Year Plan, i.e. from April 21, 1978 until April 20, 1979 inclusive, Local Spiritual Assemblies being established for the first time, as well as lapsed Assemblies which achieve adequate strength to regain their Assembly status, may be formed at any time during that year. This means that Local Assemblie: formed at Ridvan 1979 will not be counted towards the fulfilment of the goals of the Five Year Plan. [CBN No 314 May 1978 p 4] [key]

    BWC Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
    1978 14 Jan The establishment of the first local spiritual assembly in Fort McMurray, AB. The members were: Jim McHugh, Ray Baxter, Don Kirby, Farhad Naderi, Lois Naderi, Ann Baxter, Beth Kirby, Vicki Pruden, and Laurie Wright. CBN No 313 Mar/Apr 1978 p5] [key] Fort McMurray,AB Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Jim McHugh; Ray Baxter; Don Kirby; Farhad Naderi; Lois Naderi; Ann Baxter; Beth Kirby; Vicki Pruden; Laurie Wright
    1978 Apr Dorothy Francis (b. 22 March 1912) was named to the Order of Canada for her outstanding service to the Aboriginal population of Western Canada. From the Saulteaux tribe she was born on the Waywayseecappo First Nation near Russell, MB and she and her husband became Bahá'ís in 1960 in Calgary. She helped found the first Friendship Centre in Regina and in Winnipeg. The preservation and the enrichment of First Nations culture and tradition led her to spearhead the organization of several First Nations Cultural Clubs. She received her metal of the Order of Canada in Ottawa and was the subject of a 30 minute film during the presentation. [BW17:103; VV29; BW20p990–991]
  • For a picture see BW17:103.
  • Waywayseecappo First Nation; Calgary,AB Dorothy Francis; Order of Canada
    1978 Ridván Those elected to the National Spiritual Assembly were: Glen Eyford, Michael Rochester, Hossain Danesh, Husayn Banani, Jamison Bond, Elizabeth Rochester, Douglas Martin, Ruth Eyford, and Ed Muttart. [CBN No 315 June/July 1978 p7] [key] National Convention; Glen Eyford; Michael Rochester; Hossain Danesh; Husayn Banani; Jamison Bond; Elizabeth Rochester; Douglas Martin; Ruth Eyford; and Ed Muttart
    1978 Ridván The formation of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Summerland. The members were: Marjorie Pearson, Ilene Ross, Constance Bergstrom, Howard Miners, Marguerite Miners, Mary Cecilia Malins, Bonnie Olson, Gary Arnold, Robert Olson. [CBN No 315 June/July1978 p5] [key] Summerland,BC Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Marjorie Pearson; Ilene Ross; Constance Bergstrom; Howard Miners; Marguerite Miners; Mary Cecilia Malins; Bonnie Olson; Gary Arnold; Robert Olson first spiritual assembly of Summerland, BC
    1978 Ridván The formation of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Summerside, PE. The members were: Lana Quinn, Brian Quinn, Vivian O'Neill, Pat O'Neill, Louise Polland, Paul Vreeland, Jane Anthony, Sharon Dyas, Nora Holland. [CBN No 315 June/July 1978 p5] [key] Summerside,PE Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Lana Quinn; Brian Quinn; Vivian Main; Pat O'Neill; Louise Polland; Paul Vreeland; Jane Anthony; Sharon Dyas; Nora Holland
    1978 Ridván The 50 minute film Retrospective was made in tribute to Hand of the Cause John Robarts and the occasion of his fortieth anniversary as a member of the Bahá'í community. It was commissioned by the National Spiritual Assembly and made by CINÉ BAHÁ'Í. [CBN No 313 Mar/Apr 1978 p3] [key] Toronto,ON; film; Retrospective; John Robarts
    1979 The news of the formation of the first Spiritual Assembly of the Tyendinaga brought the Universal House of Justice great happiness, A letter written on behalf of the House of Justice to Evelyn Loft states: ‘The steadfastness of your parents in remaining at their post is indeed exemplary and fully demonstrates the spirit of true pioneering.” [BW19p699] [key] Tyendinaga First Nations,ON Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
    1979 25 Sep The passing of Allan Raynor (b. 31 August, 1910 in Toronto)
  • His first acquaintance with Baha'is was in 1934 at a gathering organized by W. J. Christie of Parry Sound in northern Ontario. It was there that he met Lloyd Gardner.
  • He want on pilgrimage in 1956. After the passing of the Guardian he travelled across Canada sharing his experiences with Shoghi Effendi.
  • Mr. Raynor will be remembered for his work in educating the Canadian Bahá'í community in the knowledge of the Covenant. When the assaults on the Covenant came Canadian Bahá'ís were not swayed.
  • His study of Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah legendary. His personal copy could not be called a "book" but rather it was a loose collection of pages.
  • In 1978-1979 he was appointmented as Assistant to Auxiliary Board member for Protection, Carol Bowie.
  • So moving and eloquent was he at the hour of his death that Canada's national newspaper printed a major article on his life.
  • A tribute to Allan was made by Roger White in his poem entitled 'In Recognition' which was published in his book, The Witness of Pebbles. The poem was inspired during Allan's 1977 pilgrimage. Another writer, Nathan Rutsein paid homage by including a chapter called 'The Example of Allan Raynor' in his book, Spirit in Action: Teaching the Bahá'í Faith. [BW18p696-698] [key]
  • Toronto, ON Allan Raynor; In Memoriam
    1979 2 Oct The passing of Thomas Peigan, one of Canada's early native believers. He was known for his devotion and steadfastness. [CBNOct1979] [key] Peigan Reserve, AB Thomas Peigan; In Memoriam
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