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TAGS: Abdul-Baha, Travels of (documents); Ali Kuli Khan; Florence Breed; Marzieh Gail; Phoebe Hearst; Pilgrims notes; Presidents; Qajar dynasty; Shoghi Effendi, Life of (documents); Veils; Versailles Conference; Woodrow Wilson
LOCATIONS: Iran (documents); United States (documents)
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Early days of the Bahá'í Faith in America and of Abdu'l-Bahá's visit in 1912; Phoebe Hearst; Versailles Conference; and about Marzieh Gail herself.
See also Summon Up Remembrance.

Also available as a Word document (proofread by M. Thomas). This text was distributed in Ocean, and also online at and

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Arches of the Years

by Marzieh Gail

Oxford: George Ronald, 1991
Abstract: More than a sequel to Summon Up Remembrance, this book deals with the early days of the Bahá'í faith in America and of Abdu'l-Bahá's visit in 1912. The author offers insights into Phoebe Hearst, President Wilson, the Versailles Conference, Persia and the last of the Qajar princes and Shoghi Effendi, Guardian of the Bahá'í faith. One new character is Marzieh Gail herself, who as a young girl accompanied her parents to their diplomatic posts and witnessed many of the events which she describes with a child's charm, humour and perception.
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