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Essays, photographs, and overviews of local projects around the world, illustrating how Bahá'í principles are being carried out in practice, prepared by the Office of Social and Economic Development of the Bahá'í International Community.
See also the SED paper Social Action.

Because each edition is different, all three are included below.

For the Betterment of the World:
The Worldwide Bahá'í Community's Approach to Social and Economic Development

by Office of Social and Economic Development

2018, 2008, 2003

1. 2003 version

Download: osed_betterment_world_2003.pdf [8 MB]

2. 2008 version

Download: osed_betterment_world_2008.pdf [2 MB]

3. 2018 version

Download: osed_betterment_world_2018.pdf [14 MB]
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