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Bahá'í Chronology Canada: years 190-

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1902 (In the year) Bahá'í groups were established in Canada. [BBRSM:106-7; BFA2:160; SBBH1:135; CBN No 82 November, 1956 p1] [key] Canada Groups first Baha'i groups established in Canada.
1902 8 May May Bolles married Sutherland Maxwell in London and moved from Paris to Montreal. [BW8:635; GPB260] It can be said that the history of the Bahá'í Faith in Canada began at this point. London,ON; Montreal,QC, May Bolles, Sutherland Maxwell
1903 (In the year) Thornton Chase, considered the 1st American Bahá'í, visited Winnipeg, MB on a business trip. [OBCC34] [key] Winnipeg,MB Thornton Chase First Bahá'í to visit Winnipeg, First Bahá'í to visit MB,
1905 (In the year) Agnes Alexander, living in Japan at the time, became the first Bahá'í to travel to the Yukon. [OBCC306] [key] YT Agnes Alexander First Bahá'í to travel in the YT. First Bahá'í to travel in the YT.
1906 (In the year) Alí Kuli Khán, his wife Florence Breed and son Rahím, then living in Washington, DC, visited Montreal early in the year becoming the first Persian Bahá'í to visit Canada. During their nine-day visit May Maxwell rented a house for them and he taught the Faith to large gatherings. [OBCC35] [key] Montreal,QC Ali Kuli Khan; Florence Breed; May Maxwell first Persian Bahá'í to visit Canada
1906 16 Sep Abdu'l-Bahá addressed a tablet to the Montreal Community through Percy Woodcock. [BFA2p157, Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas, vol.II, pp.531-3] [key] Montreal,QC Percy Woodcock First Tablet from 'Abdu'l-Bahá to Canada.
1908 (In the year) There were 16 Bahá'ís in Montreal.
  • Percy Woodcock resided briefly in and occasionally visited Brockville, ON
  • Dr James Oakshette resided in Toronto [BFA2p157.
  • Montreal,QC; Brockville,ON; Toronto,ON Percy Woodcock; James Oakshette first to visit Brockville.
    1908 22 May Thornton Chase was the first Bahá'í to visit Victoria, BC. [OBCC34] [key] Victoria,BC Thornton Chase Thornton Chase is the first Bahá'í to visit Victoria, BC.
    1909 (In the year) Sutherland Maxwell, Hand of the Cause of God, became a Bahá'í. [BFA2:156] [key] Montreal Sutherland Maxwell, Hand of the Cause
    1909 21 Mar "The first American Bahá'í Convention opened in Chicago. [BFA2:XVII, 309; BW13:849; MBW142–3; SBBH1:146]
  • It was held in the home of Corinne True. [CT82–3]
  • It was attended by 39 delegates from 36 cities. [GPB262; SBBH1:146]
  • The Convention established the 'Bahá'í Temple Unity', which was incorporated to hold title to the Temple property and to provide for its construction. A constitution was framed and an Executive Board of the Bahá'í Temple Unity elected. [BBD39; BBRSM:106; BW10:179; GPB349; PP397; SBBH1:146]" [key]
  • Chicago,IL National Convention; Corrine True; Bahai Temple Unity; Constitution; Executive Board of the Baha'i Temple Unity First national body formed for the administration of the Bahá'í community in the United States and Canada
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