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Documents published in Associate

  1. Association for Baha'i Studies - English-speaking Europe: A Retrospective, by Seena Fazel, in Associate, 38 (2004). Overview of the history of the Baha'i Studies Review, the Associate, and ABS-ESE special interest groups, conferences, and Baha'i societies. [about]
  2. Bahá'í Faith in America, The: 1900-1912, by Robert Stockman: Review, by Derek Cockshut, in Associate, 17 (1995). [about]
  3. Bahá'ís, The, by Bahá'í International Community: Review, by Seena Fazel, in Associate, 11 (1993). [about]
  4. Bahá'í Perspectives on Spiritual and Moral Education, Some, by Stephen Vickers, in Associate, 16 (1995). The Bahá'í Faith, like any other religion, contains insights which can be valuable for those in the educational world who are striving to make moral and spiritual education a reality; "light is good in whatsoever lamp it shines." [about]
  5. Early Irish Bahá'ís, by R. Jackson Armstrong-Ingram, in Associate, 25 (1998). Short history of the introduction of the Bahá’í Faith to Ireland, 1900 to 1925. [about]
  6. Examination of the Cultural Relativity of Human Rights, An, by Jonathan Patrick, in Associate, 36 (2001). On the discourse between proponents of the universality of human rights, and those of their cultural and religious relativity. Are human rights inherent in the individual, or imposed by a neo-imperialist West? [about]
  7. Fostering Good Working Relations between Bahá'í Institutions and Bahá'í Scholars, by Wendi Momen, in Associate, 33-34 (2001). Lists of things that make Baha'i scholarship important, some ways institutions can support scholars, ways scholars can support the institutions, and brief comments on Review. [about]
  8. Future of Bahá'í Studies, The, by William P. Collins, in Associate, 33-34 (2001). On the need for planning for the future, diversification, scholarly study by non-Baha'is, scholarship and art, unity paradigm, popular culture, writing in a non-boring style, and coordination of activities. [about]
  9. International Criminal Court: A Bahá'í Perspective, by Dan Wheatley, in Associate, 33-34 (2001). Brief history of the ICC, and Baha'i support of it. [about]
  10. Internet and Electronic Forums Used for Teaching, by Universal House of Justice, in Associate, 27 (1999). Short letter about using electronic media for personal teaching activities. [about]
  11. Memorials of the Faithful: Revisited, by Ron Price, in Associate, 35 (2001). Literary themes in Abdu'l-Baha's book of biographies. [about]
  12. Polish Response to Soviet Anti-Bahá'í Polemics, The, by Jan T. Jasion, in Associate, 29 (1999). Response of non-Bahá'í scholars to Marxist-Leninist polemics and attacks on the Bahá'í Faith, in particular the attitude of Polish scholars writing between 1945 and 1988, while Poland was still a 'satellite' of the Soviet Union. [about]
  13. Psychology of Spirituality, The, by H.B. Danesh: Review, by Cyrus Agahi, in Associate, 29 (1999). [about]
  14. Pursuing Excellence, by Barney Leith, in Associate, 36 (2001). What is excellence, is it ineffable, how do we recognize it, and how might we pursue it? [about]
  15. Reporting on the Spirit: How the Media Covers Spiritual and Religious Issues, by Amaris Podger, in Associate, 37 (2002). There is no ideological reason to prevent journalists or media outlets from holding religious opinions or giving voice to them. [about]
  16. Role of the Bahá'í Scholar in Defending the Faith, The, by Muhammad Afnan, in Associate, 33-34 (2001). The role of apologetics in the Bahá'í Faith is not merely to defend or prove, but to demonstrate that the Faith provides the means for obtaining knowledge of the truth, and to present the truths revealed by the Sacred Writings. [about]
  17. Scholarship and the Bahá'í Institutions, Comments on, by Robert Stockman, in Associate, 33-34 (2001). The terms "scholarship" vs "scholar"; relationship between scholarship and faith; relationship with the institutions; scholarship in North America. [about]
  18. Scripture and Revelation, ed. Moojan Momen: Review, by Daniel Grolin, in Associate, 30 (2000). [about]

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