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TAGS: Equality; Gender; Martha Root; Peace; Tahirih; Teaching
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Early life of Root, her four world teaching trips from 1919 to 1939 with a focus on peace advocacy, and gender and identity reflections on Tahirih. Link to thesis (offsite).
Masters thesis for Georgia State University.

In search of Martha Root:
An American Bahá'í feminist and peace advocate in the early twentieth century

by Jiling Yang

Abstract: Martha Root (1872-1939) was an exceptional religious and spiritual activist, a leading figure in the international women's peace movement, and a new organism of a new world in the early twentieth century. This thesis represents Martha Root from three aspects: the early life of Martha Root, her four world teaching trips from 1919 to 1939, with a focus on her peace advocacy, and an investigation into her gender awareness and identity construction by reflecting on Tahirih the Pure, Iran's Greatest Woman, Martha Root's only book.
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