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1962 28 Jun President Tubman of Liberia visited the Shrine of the Báb.
  • This is the second official visit of a head of state and is notable in that Liberia is the first black republic on the continent of Africa. [BW13:400]
  • See BW13:400 for picture.
  • Haifa; Mount Carmel; Liberia Bab, Shrine of; Presidents; Prominent visitors; Firsts, Other
    1967 Mar The first Bahá’í summer school in Liberia began. [BW14:174] Liberia Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1971 1 – 3 Jan The Continental Conference of Africa was held in Monrovia, Liberia. [BW15:318; VV5]
  • For pictures see BW15:304–5.
  • Monrovia; Liberia Continental Conference; Conference
    1978 28 – 30 Dec The West African Bahá’í Women’s Conference was held in Monrovia, Liberia with the theme, "Spiritual Education of Women-The Foundation of a New Human Society". [BW17:154]
  • Delegates from sixteen countries attended. It was attended by 150 women and 50 men. Keynote speaker was Dr. Jane Faily, Consultant to the Bahá'í International Community's representative to the United Nations and a clinical psychologist associated with the University of Ottawa. [BN 136 April, 1979 pg10-15]
  • Monrovia; Liberia; Africa Women; Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, Women; Conferences, International; Jane Faily; Z****
    1987 24 Mar Radio Bahá’í of Liberia (ELRB), the first Bahá’í-owned radio station in Africa, was inaugurated in Paynesville. [BINS164:6; BW19:121; VV77]
  • The initial broadcast was aired in December reached most of Liberia as well as parts of Guinea, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone with its short wave signal, ELRB soon attracted a diverse and enthusiastic audience with its blend of cultural, service and Bahá’í programming. [BNno685p5]
  • This radio station was destroyed during the civil conflict and has not been re-established.
  • Paynesville; Liberia Bahai radio; Bahai-owned radio; Firsts, Other
    1988 Jul - Aug Over 500 people became Bahá’ís in Liberia. [BINS184:8] Liberia
    1994 Sep 9 – 11 The first National Youth Conference of Liberia was held, attended by 75 youth. [BW94–5:188–9]
  • For picture see BW94–5:189.
  • Liberia Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, Youth; Youth; First conferences
    1998 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly was re-established in Liberia with its seat in Monrovia. [Ridán Message 1998] Monrovia; Liberia NSA
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