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The first published glossary of Baha'i terms and names.
The largest glossary online is Arabic & Fársí transcription list and glossary for Bahá’ís.

See also glossary of common Baha'i terms, people, and places. See also a PDF of the Original glossary [PDF].

See also Gail's Guide to Transliteration and Pronunciation of the Persian Alphabet: together with the Numerical Value of the letters (Abjad Reckoning), which is from the book below but posted as a separate file.

See also a glossary with audio recordings of pronunciation at

Bahá'í Glossary:
Persian and Arabic words appearing in the Bahá'í Writings

by Marzieh Gail

Wilmette, IL: Baha'i Publishing Trust, 1957
HTML version by Adam Thompson (1998) and Romane Takkenberg (2017)

Click to escape frames. Also available in PDF, gail_bahai_glossary.pdf

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