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1990 22 Feb Jalál Kházeh, (b. 24 February, 1897, Tihran) Hand of the Cause of God, passed away in Toronto. He was buried in York Cemetery in Toronto. [BINS219:90]

Note: VV123 says it was 20 February.

  • He was appointed a Hand of the Cause of God on the 6th of December, 1953 after the passing of Hand of the Cause of God Siegfried Schopflocher. [MoCxxiv]
  • See LoF164-167 for a short biography.
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  • Toronto, ON Jalal Khazeh; Hands of the Cause; Hands of the Cause, Births and deaths; Births and deaths; In Memoriam; Hands of the Cause, Appointments
    1990 16 Oct The passing of Dorothy Maquabeak Francis (b. 22 March 1912 Waywayseecappo First Nation) in New Westminster, BC. In 1978 she received the Order of Canada in recognition of her life-long work for First Nations people. [BW20p990-991] [key] New Westminster,BC Dorothy Francis; In Memoriam; Order of Canada
    1991 Statistics Canada reported 14,730 Bahá’ís from 1991 census data. [Bahaipedia] [key] Canada Statistics
    1991 18 Jun The passing of Hand of the Cause of God, Knight of Bahá'u'lláh, John Aldham Robarts at Rawdon, Quebec. He was born in Waterloo, Ontario 2nd of November, 1901. [VV124]
  • Shoghi Effendi had appointed him among the third contingent on the 2nd of October, 1957. [MoCxxiii]
  • See BW20p801-809.
  • For his obituary see BINS250:10.
  • For picture see VV124.
  • For the story of how he came to learn of the Faith see SBR137.
  • See LoF473-495.
  • A 50-minute film entitledRetrospective, a Ciné Bahá’í production, was made as a tribute to the Hand of the Cause John A. Robarts on the occasion of his 40th anniversary as a member of the Bahá‘r' community.
  • Rawdon, QC Hands of the Cause; Hands of the Cause, Births and deaths; Births and deaths; Knights of Bahaullah; John Robarts; In Memoriam
    1991 14 Nov In a message from Hand of the Cause A.M. Varqá, the Office of the Trustee, the Institution of the Huqúqu'lláh, to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Canada, the formation of the Board of Trustees of the Huqúqu'lláh was announced. Members were Mr. Husayn Banání, Dr. Mohsen Enayat, Dr. Gerald Hanks, Dr. Bill Hatcher, and Dr. Michael Rochester. [CBNJan92 p2] [key] Huququllah; Firsts, Other; Huququllah, Trustees of; Husayn Banani; Mohsen Enayat; Gerald Hanks; Bill Hatcher; Michael Rochester
    1992 19 - 22 Jun The ceremonies were held for the thirty-eight members of the first graduating class of the Maxwell International Bahá'í School. More than seven hundred participated in the ceremonies. ["Maxwell Eagle" Sep/Oct 1992 Vol IV no. 1 page 1] [key] Shawnigan Lake, BC Maxwell International School; Bahai schools
    1992 23 - 26 Nov The film, 'Abdu'l-Bahá: Mission to America, made by Elizabeth Martin, was prepared for the World Congress program and also used in the Theme Pavilion. [HNWE45] [key] New York, NY film; 'Abdu'l-Baha: Mission to America; Elizabeth Martin
    1992 11 Nov The passing of Doris McKay (b. Doris Henrietta Hill 29 September, 1894) in Charlottetown.
  • She married Willard Judd McKay 30 June 1923. In 1925 she and Willard attended a fireside given by Howard and Mabel Ives. In 1929 she made her fist travel teaching trip to New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Boston, Portsmouth and to Montreal. She was a frequent lecturer at Green Acre. In 1939 she returned to Canada to staff the Bahá'í booth at the Canadian National Exhibition and to visit communities in Hamilton, Montreal and Moncton where she took up residence in 1942. In the fall of 1943 they moved to Prince Edward Island to help win a goal of the Seven Year Plan by establishing a local spiritual assembly in Charlottetown.
  • In 1928 while still a resident in the US and a member of the Outline Bureau of the National Teaching Committee she developed "36 Lessons", some of the first deepening materials and study outlines for the American believers. She was a contributor to the Star of the West and later The Bahá'í World.
  • Her autobiography Fire in Many Hearts, written with Paul Vreeland, was published in 1991 by Nine Pines Publishing. [BWIM30-32] [key]
  • Charlottetown,PE; Montreal,QC; Moncton,NB; Hamilton,ON; Toronto,ON In Memoriam; Doris McKay; Fire in Many Hearts
    1993 21 Mar The presentation of the first Race Unity Award by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Canada.
  • See message from the Universal House of Justice entitled Cultural Reconciliation in Canada.
  • NSA; Race unity; Race (general) first Race Unity Award
    1993 10 Apr The passing of Roger White, writer, editor and "poet laureate" of the Bahá'í community, in Richmond, British Columbia (b. in Toronto on 2 June 1929).
  • Served at the World Centre for some twenty years as a secretary and as manager of the publishing department when many important new volumes were published. Under the supervision of the Universal House of Justice, he was responsible for compiling and publishing volumes XIV to XIX of The Bahá'í World, as well as editing the invaluable compendium of volumes I to XII, published in 1981.
  • Published, at his own expense, a book of poetry called Summer Window for which he did the drawing on the front cover.
  • Another Song, Another Season (1979), The Witness of Pebbles (1981) and a tender and eloquent novel which presented a semi-fictionalized account of the early days of the Bahá'í Faith in Paris, A Sudden Music, was also published by George Ronald in 1983.
  • This was followed by a biographical tribute to the poet Emily Dickinson in the form of more than 100 poems: One Bird, One Cage, One Flight (Naturegraph, 1983).
  • A short, historical account of the martyrdom of 'Alí-Asghár of Yazd entitled The Shell and the Pearl was published by George Ronald in 1984.
  • Occasions of Grace (George Ronald, 1992) was published after he retired from service in Haifa in 1991 following a major heart surgery.
  • He returned to Canada and was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after.
  • His last two collected works of poetry were Notes Postmarked the Mountain of God (New Leaf, 1992) and The Language of There (New Leaf, 1992).
  • He also completed the text for Raghu Rai's photographic celebration of the Bahá'í House of Worship in New Delhi, Forever in Bloom. [Bahá'í Studies Review, Vol7, 1997]
  • See Bahá'í World 1994-95 pg249 for an article by Anne Boyles entitled "The Language of the Heart: Arts in the Bahá'í World Community" for mention of Roger White.
  • See The Journal of Bahá'í Studies Vol. 26 no 1-2, 2016 p91 "Reflections on the Art of My Poetry" by John Hatcher. It is based on a telephone interview with him shortly before his passing.
  • For obituary see BW92-93p276
  • Richmond, BC Roger White; In Memoriam; John Hatcher; Mashriqul-Adhkar, Delhi; Lotus temple; Bahai World
    1995 May The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Canada presented a paper entitled A Bahá’í Perspective on the Future of Canadian Foreign Policy to the Special Joint Parliamentary Committee reviewing Canadian Foreign Policy. [A Bahá’í Perspective on the Future of Canadian Foreign Policy] [key] Ottawa, ON Foreign Policy; NSA Canada; Statements
    1994 (Summer) A Maoris teaching team visited British Columbia, Canada. The visit was reciprocated by The Journey of Teech-ma, the First Nations Travel Teaching Trip to the South Pacific. See entry for 24 March, 1997. [SDSC370] [key] British Columbia; Canada First Nations; Maoris; Indigenous people; Travel teaching
    1996 (In the Year) To Diffuse the Fragrances was the unpublished memoir of Bahá’í life in the Arctic completed in 1994 and written by Ken and Mary McCulloch. [Bahá’í Community of Canada: A Case Study in the transplantation of Non-Western Religious Movements by Dr Will C. Van den Hoonaard, bibliography] [key] Baker Lake, NU; Canada To Diffuse the Fragrances; Ken McCulloch; Mary McCulloch; Bahai House
    1996 10 Jan The passing of Ruth Eyford in St. Albert, AB. (b. Ruth Monk 12 June, 1930, NS) became a Bahá'í in Montreal in 1956. She married Glen Eyford in 1957. She and Glen served in Iceland and in India. Returning to Canada she served as an Auxiliary Board Member and as chair of the National Spiritual Assembly as well as a number of local and national committees. [BW1995-1996p313] [key] St. Albert, AB; Montreal, QC; Canada; India; Iceland Ruth Eyford; In Memoriam; Births and deaths; Pioneering
    1996 13 Jul The passing of Novella Rose Hyde at home in Courtney. She was buried at the Courtenay Civic Cemetery. Novella was the wife of Eric Hyde and the mother of Karyne, Sharle and Valery. [Comox Valley Obituaries 1986-2008]
  • Novella was the daughter of Maisie Hyde who enrolled in the Faith in 1936.
  • Comox,BC Novella Hyde; In Memoriam
    1997 24 Mar - 16 May The nine member First Nations Travel Teaching Trip to the South Pacific, called "The Journey of Teech-ma" consisted of Canadian Bahá'ís from Kwakiutl, Nuu-Cha-Nuth, the Ojibway First Nations, a Yupik Bahá'í from Alaska and three non-Native Canadian friends. They shared their culture and their Faith with the Maori, other New Zealanders, the Aborigines and other Australians as well as the ne-Vanuatu peoples. See entry for 1994 (Summer). [SDSC370] [key] New Zealand; Australia; Vanuatu; Canada First Nations; Travel Teaching; Pacific; Maoris; Aboriginal people; Indigenous people
    1997 9 Jul The passing of Ronald James Parsons (b. 8 May, 1926, Moose Jaw, SK).
  • Mr Parsons had been an ordained minister of the United Church of Canada. He first learned of the Faith in Ear Falls, Ontario in 1960 from Carol and David Bowie while assigned to nearby Red Lake. His next church assignment was in Strathmore, Alberta where the Bowies referred him to Lily-Ann Irwin who nurtured him into the Faith. [Spring 1961]
  • He served on the National Spiritual Assembly from 1964 to 1970 and again from 1971 to 1974. He was a member of several Local Assemblies and served on the Auxiliary Board throughout the 1970's and 80's.
  • The June 1961 issue of Canadian Bahá'í News reported that he resigned from the United Church of Canada and declared his faith in Bahá'u'lláh. [CBN No 137 June 1961 p11]
  • See [CBN No 143 December 1961 p8] for the loving message he sent to his fellow clergy concerning his decision to leave the church.
  • After resigning from the ministry he enrolled in university to train for his new vocation, teaching. He served as a vice-principal and a principal.
  • In 1949 he married Rita Olive Blake and together they raised four children. [BW1997-98p276-277] iiiii
  • Moose Jaw, SK; Claresholm, AB Ron Parsons; In Memoriam; Rita Parsons first Christian minister to resign to become a Bahá'í
    1998 8 Apr The passing of Florence Virginia Wilson Mayberry (b. 18 September 1906 in Sleeper, Missouri) in Marshfield, Missouri. She became a Bahá'í in 1941 in Reno, Nevada. From 1954 to 1959 she served on the first Auxiliary Board for North America covering the Western States and Canada. While serving as an Auxiliary Board member, Florence was elected to the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States in 1959. Shortly after the Mayberry family pioneered to Mexico in 1961 where Mrs. Mayberry was elected to serve on the National Spiritual Assembly of that country and participated in the first International Bahá’í Convention in 1963. In 1968 she was appointed to the Continental Board of Counsellors for North America, then in 1973 she was appointed as one of three Counselors of the newly established International Teaching Center where she served for 10 years. [BW26p275]
  • Her autobiography, The Great Adventure was published by Nine Pines Publishing in 1994.
  • She was a mystery writer. She had a number of stories published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine.
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  • Sleeper,Missouri; Marshfield,Missouri In Memoriam; Florence Mayberry; Auxiliary Board Member, Continental Board of Counsellors; International Teaching Centre; National Spiritual Assembly
    1998 Ridván The National Convention was held in the Bahá'í Shrine in Montreal the location of the first National Convention 50 years previous. Those elected were: : Husayn Banani, Glen Eyford. Judy Filson, Margot Leonard, Susan Lyons, Karen McKye. Reginald Newkirk, Louise Profeit-Leblanc, and Enayat Rawhani. [CBN Vol 11 No 3 Jul 1998 p11] [key] Montreal,QC National Convention; National Spiritual Assembly, election; Husayn Banani; Glen Eyford; Judy Filson; Margot Leonard; Susan Lyons; Karen McKye; Reginald Newkirk' Louise Profeit-Leblanc; Enayat Rawhani
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